Best African Restaurants in Dubai

Africa on a Plate: Restaurants to Visit in Dubai If You’re Craving Good African Food

With more than 50,000 South Africans living in Dubai, we’re not surprised that there are many African restaurants around the city!

Even the locals in Dubai have come to love African cuisine – from the famous Jollof rice to the classic chambo

Curious to learn more? We checked out different African restaurants in Dubai and here are the ones that topped our list!

KIZA African Restaurant and Lounge


Address: Ground Floor – Emirates Financial Towers – Sheikh Zayed Road – DIFC – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact details: +971 4 453 9038

Operating hours:

  • 12:00 PM to 3:00 AM daily


  • Approx. AED 390 for two people

The ambiance, food and eclectic vibe – these are just some of the things that make KIZA Restaurant and Lounge one of the best African restaurants in Dubai.

Stepping inside this dining hotspot will instantly transport you to the great continent of Africa with its brown, white and gold color scheme 

Add some upbeat Afro music playing in the background and you have the best atmosphere to enjoy some classic African dishes.

But the real highlight of this restaurant is its food that’s inspired by the culture and heritage of different countries around Africa. Of course, the celebration doesn’t stop after dinner.

In true African fashion, KIZA is also a bustling nightlife spot where you can enjoy well-crafted drinks as you dance the night away to live African tunes.

This makes it the perfect night out spot with friends to unwind after a busy week. 

KIZA’s menu can get quite overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time eating at an African restaurant. 

So, we sampled some of their dishes and we recommend the fried plantain dish Ghanian kele wele and the King KIZA or mixed seafood.

Of course, you can’t miss sampling the famous Mozambican peri-peri chicken wings in the restaurant’s signature peri-peri sauce and citrus butter. 

Fancy some cocktails while you’re at the restaurant? Order the Zanzibar waves, Duchess iced tea or Scotch Bonnet paloma.

Pro tip:
Aside from its business lunch and ala carte menu, KIZA also offers an exclusive grazing menu every Tuesday from 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM, which also includes a happy hour experience.
Book a reservation ahead to experience Africa through little bites and decadent drinks.

The Grand Grill Steakhouse


Address: Grand Habtoor Beach Resort and Spa – Al Falea Street – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact details: +971 4 399 4221

Operating hours:

  • 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM daily


  • Approx. AED 510 for two people

The Grand Grill Steakhouse is deemed one of the best African restaurants in Dubai offering top quality meats and steaks flavored with authentic African spices.

Established in Dubai Marina in 2006, this award-winning South African steakhouse is inspired by the concept of Bambanani, which means “unity” in African culture.

Here, you get a harmony of flavors and textures using different beef cuts that are best paired with South African grape beverages celebrating the best of what African cuisine has to offer.

To make the experience better, you also get to dine with the iconic Dubai Marina in the background. 

Savor every bite of your expertly prepared steak in a classic steakhouse ambiance with touches of African heritage. What’s better than that?

While the steak is the star of the show at The Grand Grill Steakhouse, you also have to try other dishes that introduce your palate to the rich flavors of Africa.

We highly recommend the classic tuna nicoise salad, beef trinchado and lobster tail thermidor.

Pro tip:
Are you feeling a bit adventurous with your food? Ask the staff for the “game of the day” and elevate your taste buds with game meat dishes that are popular in Africa.

Tribes Dubai


Address: Mall of the Emirates – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact details: +971 4 395 0660

Operating hours:

  • 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM daily


  • Approx. AED 515 for two people

Tribes is not only an ode to African gastronomy but also its international influences, making it one of the best African restaurants to try in the city.

Located at the Mall of the Emirates with branches at the Dubai Mall and Dubai Hills Mall, the restaurant features classic African fare fused with flavors from around the world.

Here, you’ll see influences from countries like the Netherlands, Malaysia and of course, the UAE.

But your journey to Africa starts right when you step inside the restaurant with interiors reminiscent of an African cottage filled with wood details and classic muted colors.

The staff dressed in traditional African patterns instantly makes you feel the signature African hospitality that’s known all over the world.

And of course, there’s the food that’s inspired by the different cuisines around the African continent with familiar flavors in between.

 Whether you want a light lunch or a meat-heavy meal, you’ll surely find something to satisfy your cravings.

Feeling overwhelmed with the choices? We tried some of their dishes and we can highly recommend their TRIBE Hereford sirloin steak, beetroot three ways and fish and chips.

Pro tip:
Can’t decide which dish to choose? Ask the staff for “daily specials” and let the restaurant surprise you.
If you’re visiting on a Sunday, go for the special Sunday menu with an assortment of the restaurant’s popular offerings.

Bella Bite African Restaurant

Address: Building L14 – Greece Cluster – International City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact details: +971 4 583 6866

Operating hours:

  • 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM daily


  • Approx. AED 110 for two people

Bella Bite Restaurant is all about offering authentic African food without breaking the bank. 

This is why it’s considered one of Dubai’s best African restaurants for those dining on a budget.

Located in International City, Bella Bite Restaurant serves up classic African comfort food dishes in a cozy setting that will make you feel like you’re in an African home.

At Bella Bite Restaurant, you get simple homemade comfort food that highlights the flavors of the region, all at an affordable cost.

Their classic Jollof rice chicken is a must-try. If you’re adventurous enough, you should order their sauteed peppered goat meat or Ayemase stew.

Pro tip:
Instead of just going for fish or beef, try goat meat, which is a classic meat offering in African cuisine. 



Address: H Dubai – Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact details: +971 54 998 5860

Operating hours:

  • 10:00 AM to 4:00 AM daily


  • Approx. AED 390 for two people

Enish is not just an African restaurant in Dubai. It’s a food and entertainment hub that combines authentic Nigerian food with classic Afrobeats for a dining experience like no other.

Located in H Dubai with a branch in Palm Jumeirah, this restaurant that originated in London celebrates the traditional flavors of Nigeria with elevated comfort food in a modern dining setup.

After a great dinner, you can transition into a party mood as the restaurant turns into a party hotspot playing upbeat African songs that are best enjoyed with friends and some drinks.

Feast your senses with Enish’ diverse menu where you have everything from simple rice dishes to sophisticated platters that will surely make you appreciate African cuisine.

Don’t know where to start? We recommend that you try their seafood Jollof and white rice and ayamese that will surely warm your tummy – and your heart.

Feeling a little fancy? Order the restaurant’s 24K gold poundo, which is essentially pounded yam wrapped in 24 karat edible gold. 

Pro tip:
Do you want to unwind with some cocktails and drinks? Check out the restaurant’s social media pages to get updates on happy hour and special offers.Aside from dinner and drinks, you can also book a shisha session at Enish where you get to enjoy premium shisha with your friends.Elevate your dining experience by booking a yacht cruise with Enish where you get to see Dubai from the Arabian Gulf while you enjoy the restaurant’s signature dishes.

Zagol Ethiopian Restaurant


Address: Ground Floor – Mabrooka 1 Building – 4B Street – Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Road – Al Karama – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact details: +971 50 323 1822

Operating hours:

  • 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM daily


  • Approx. AED 100 for two people

A hidden gem serving authentic Ethiopian food, Zagol is an African restaurant in Dubai that Ethiopians go to when they miss the comforts of home.

Located in Al Karama, this restaurant is decked in traditional Ethiopian decor to make you feel like you’re in Africa the moment you step inside.

Zagol comes from the Ethiopian term for cowrie shell that’s usually found in the waters of Ethiopia and used to make jewelry for girls. 

Established in 2017, Zagol has been serving Ethiopian dishes using only the best ingredients and traditional home cooking techniques that are served using modern plating.

But what really makes this restaurant extra special is the hospitality that the owners, Ethiopian natives Meseret and Fekade offer.

Here, diners are treated like family and not just mere customers. 

In fact, part of the dining experience at Zagol is the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, which is an important part of cultural life in the country.

Here, you’ll be served with a complete set of traditional coffee cups, a burning incense, a Gebena and some popcorn snacks before your meal starts.

What follows is an unforgettable feast where you can savor the colors, textures and flavors of authentic Ethiopian dishes. 

Can’t decide what to eat? We can’t forget about their alcha misir, which is a lentil dish dullet, which is a mixture of different types of minced meat and qey wot, a classic beef dish.

Pro tip:
Are you unfamiliar with some of the terms that you see on the menu? Here’s what you need to know:
• Nitir and Qebe is seasoned butter
• Awaze is an Ethiopian hot sauce made with chili peppers
• Tibs means to sautee or fry
• Wot is a kind of meat or vegetable stew
• INjera is a round, thin sourdough bread that’s traditionally made with teff or other African grains
• Bebere is a type of ground pepper