Will Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Work For Me

Will Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Work For Me?

Sometimes, people wish to improve or alter their facial features. They would usually head over to a plastic surgeon or a specific aesthetic surgeon to get the face they’ve always wanted. 

Rhinoplasty is one of the cosmetic surgeries that patients can avail of to enhance their features. This surgery usually involves altering some parts of the nose to shape it the way their clients would want it to be. 

Yes, the idea of having your face and some parts of your body cut up to add more muscle or fat into your nose can seem terrifying. Some are also not allowed by their doctors to go under the knife because of medical complications. 

Thankfully, experts have now discovered a way to do a non-surgical process of rhinoplasty. Called “liquid rhinoplasty,” this new development can allow more people to get the nose they always desired. 

What is liquid rhinoplasty? 

This is a non-surgical procedure that injects dermal filler, a hyaluronic acid, into the nose. This liquid serves as cartilage graft that can help doctors to lift the tip, straighten the bridgen, or improve the symmetry of the nose. 

Surgeons estimate, with the simplicity of the procedure, that it can cause 60% less than a traditional rhinoplasty. We do have to note that you will have to re-inject again to maintain the new shape of your nose because these liquid fillers only stay for a limited amount of time. 

Benefits of Opting For A Liquid Rhinoplasty 

There are a few advantages to getting a liquid rhinoplasty, aside from the fact that you can avoid going under an operation. 

The first is that it is less expensive. This is because a doctor will have to use less equipment and not do a lot of procedures on the nose, which pulls down the cost of an average rhinoplasty. 

Also, this procedure provides instant gratification. Forget being bandaged and waiting for weeks to see the changes to your nose! 

Patients can easily appreciate their new feature a few days after the procedure. 

Will it work for me?

It depends. There are only a specific set of patients who are allowed to undergo this procedure. 

One of the requirements is to have fewer to no nasal surgeries. This is because the filler will be more difficult to inject due to the alterations and cuts made from these previous procedures. 

In addition to this, doctors also require a patient to have no breathing problems. This is because the liquid can actually cause more harm than surgery would. 

Another factor to consider is what kind of change you are looking for to your nose. If you wish to have a permanent change, liquid rhinoplasty is not for you. 

This is because fillers deplete and go away after a certain period of time. Moreover, if all you want is to reduce the width of some parts of your nose, a filler injection would definitely not be suited for you! 

The best advice we can give is to talk to your surgeon and make the necessary tests and examinations to see if you can avail of this non-surgical procedure. 

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