Where can I Buy Gaming Equipment in Dubai

Where can I Buy Gaming Equipment in Dubai?

Dubai has a lot of well-known electronic stores offering the best and latest game consoles and equipment at an affordable price. You have options whether you want one of the latest game consoles like the PS5 or new components for your gaming PC.

Malls in the city typically have a lot of large retailers carrying these items such as Emax,  Sharaf DG, or Jumbo. If you want some good deals though, you can check out other plazas and online for more competitive options.

Al Fahidi Street

Al Fahidi Street in Bur Dubai is typically seen as a shopping paradise for gamers and tech enthusiasts. It offers a wide range of electronic items from gaming consoles to home appliances like ovens, fridges, and even washing machines.

At night, the street takes on a Las Vegas-like ambiance, with neon lights illuminating the many stores. If you’re a night shopper, you might appreciate the ongoing activity in the place.

Bargain hunters might enjoy the place since some stores allow customers to haggle on prices. If you’re particularly good at this, then you can easily find some great deals.

However, we will advise most casual shoppers to be cautious. There are some stores that have been known to sell fake items.

All-in-all though, Al Fahidi is a good place to get most of your home appliances and entertainment shopping done, not just with gaming enthusiasts.

Virgin Megastore Dubai

Virgin is a well-known brand in the world, and for good reason. Their Megastore at the Dubai Marina stocks a lot of electronic items and gear from the top manufacturers.

Console gamers can find some of the top options like the PS5 and the Nintendo Switch here, along with all their accessories. The store typically has a great selection of games for these units too.

On the other hand, they also have a good selection of gaming laptops from brands like ASUS and MSI as well as computer parts for PC gamers. 

Of course, they also have a good deal on most essentials and peripherals like speakers, desks, and gaming chairs. Keep an eye out for some promo deals on their headsets and monitors in order to get a good deal.

Virgin carries a lot of games for these major systems. Shoppers on a budget can also save money by buying pre-owned games rather than new ones in the Megastore.

Of course, getting a refund on items bought here can be a bit of a hassle according to some shoppers so make sure you know what you are buying beforehand.

Additionally, if your bank is a Virgin Partner, you can take advantage of their 0% instalment scheme. This is perfect for pre-existing customers and people looking to get high-end components at a monthly budget.

Al Ain Centre – “Computer Plaza”

The Al Ain Centre is a highly specialised store in Bur Dubai for all things tech and gaming. The hub has a reputation for selling quality stores at great prices.

The Plaza gets its name from over 80 different electronic retail stores in its area. It’s easy to find things like game consoles, desktop computers, accessories, mobile phones, and tech accessories at competitive rates.

The hub also has dedicated places for computer repair here. These services help gamers get more life out of their older gear rather than splurging on new ones.

If you’re a beginner in PC gaming and is still unsure on how to proceed then don’t fret. Stores can offer to build the PC for you and you just need to select the components.

Of course, it can be tiring jumping from store to store, looking for great deals. In that case, the hub also has a number of different cafeterias and eateries for hungry buyers.

International visitors may also find it a convenient place to shop since there are many nearby hotels like the Al Khoory Inn. The plaza is also close to banking outlets too in case you need to make a quick withdrawal.


With over 800 brands and products in just one roof, Emax outlets in Dubai offer some of the widest varieties in consumer electronics and gaming equipment.

They also have an exclusive online membership called Emax Pride. Customers who sign up for the first time will be eligible for an AED 299 discount on a purchase, helping you save money.

With mobile gaming becoming more and more popular, Emax has a good deal for that too!

So long as certain conditions are met, shoppers can trade in their old phone for a new one, under their ‘mobile swap’ offers. This can really help you save a lot of money on your new mobile device.

Another positive aspect for Emax is its accessibility. It has over 10 outlets in different shopping centres like the Oasis Mall, the Dubai Mall, the Al Ghurair Centre and many more.

Dragon Mart

With over 3,500 stores selling everything from fashion apparel to furniture and consumer electronics, the Dragon Mart is the biggest hub for buying Chinese products outside of the mainland.

It is a massive shopping complex, consisting of two separate malls across the street from each other. Busy buyers may want to try their online shopping site instead.

Otherwise, you will need to set aside some time to explore the place. Going from shop to shop within Dragon Mart can easily take hours.

Fortunately, the place does have a number of affordable restaurants and eateries in case you get tired.

Do note that the large number of shops does mean that due diligence is even more important. There are a few counterfeit products mixed in so keep an eye out to avoid getting scammed.


Sometimes, you really want a specific component or PC accessory for your build. In this case, you might want to order online at Newegg.

Newegg is a good online computer parts store when you want components that aren’t readily available in local stores. It’s a good store for really niche items from new or smaller brands.

Prices for parts like graphics cards, processors, and motherboards are some of the most competitive since these tend to receive the most markup.

Of course, you may have to deal with the shipping costs as well as holdups at UAE customs. Though this happens rarely and Newegg usually takes care of these problems for you.

Items ordered from Newegg are packaged really well so you can be confident that your parts will arrive safe and sound.

So if you’re a PC gamer willing to wait a bit to create your dream build, then getting parts from Newegg may just be the best option for you.

It’s easier than ever to get started on gaming in Dubai. There are many local stores stocking the right items and specific builds can take advantage of reputable online stores.

Make sure to do research before you make a purchase and make a habit of comparing all the different stores in order to get the best price.