What is the Best Month for Shopping in Dubai

What is the Best Month for Shopping in Dubai?

Shoppers looking to unwind and find their favourite items on sale will do well to visit Dubai during the winter months. Starting from November and extending until April, it is the season when the city expects the largest influx of international shoppers.

During the winter months, the climate is quite calming and cool, especially in the evening. It helps put more shoppers in a jolly mood. Winter is also the season where stores have the bulk of their sales.

Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF)

The DSF is one of the biggest reasons why winter seasons are considered shopping seasons. It is the mega shopping event where plenty of shops start giving away big discounts and prizes.

It typically starts around December 15 to January 29, giving shoppers ample time to see the sights. Shoppers can get discounts from 25% down to even 95% off on select items.

Aside from the big discounts that stores offer, the DSF also features lighting installations and fireworks shows. Guests can also participate in daily raffle draws, giving them the chance to win some really great prizes.

The prizes themselves can be quite grand, ranging from simple cash prizes to gold items and even some luxury cars like Bentley.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is noted to be a great time to buy certain things like home decor and furniture, clothes and fashion items, watches, bags, and traditional local souvenirs like spices and dried fruits.

Some shopping destinations to check out include the Mall of the Emirates, the Dubai Festival City Promenade, and of course, the Dubai Mall. The Gold Souk and Night Souk are also great marketplaces to check out during this time.

Aside from that, it also pays to know your itineraries and to know where to buy specific items from. This can help save you time navigating the different shops.

Lastly, frequent buyers recommend using certain credit cards to take advantage of any cashback bonuses and reward points they might offer for the holidays.


Once spring rolls around, people on the lookout for new electronics like phones and laptops may want to wait for GITEX or the Gulf Information Technology festival. 

This conference gathers some of the leading figures in the tech industry. It is a time when many tech companies showcase some of the new things they have been working on.

The season is great for IT in general, with stores offering huge discounts of up to 50% on items like a new TV and other home appliances. Some stores may even hold raffles for these items too.

Seasoned GITEX attendees recommend visiting places like E-CITY, JUMBO Electronics, E-Max, Lulu Hypermarket, Sharaf DG, and Carrefour Supermarket for the best deals in tech.

It’s also a good idea to haggle with some of the sellers. You might be able to save even more on your next purchase if you do so successfully.

Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS)

Of course, those who can’t visit Dubai during the winter season are not left out. The Dubai Summer Surprise has you covered. Typically held after the Ramadan season, it’s a good month for people to indulge in the summer months.

As the summer months are typically spent indoors due to the heat, many stores set up a lot of deals to attract people to come in.

Visitors can expect reduced prices at malls, restaurants, bars, and entertainment complexes and spas. This makes summer a good time for some incredible finds.

Prospective shoppers can also check out the World Trade Centre for Modhesh World. It is a fun fair meant for children, offering different rides, educational activities, and even some stage shows.

The event also holds their own raffles, giving away some really cool items like cars and event tickets. This makes it exciting even for shoppers who can only indulge during the summer months. 

It goes to show that regardless of season, shopping in Dubai can be quite an exciting thing. You don’t need to worry about missing some big sales on your favourite items.

Still, their shopping festivals are an attraction in and of itself. If you can do so, it is highly recommended to add these to your bucket list when visiting Dubai.