Ultimate Travel Guide to Buggy Rides

Dune Delights: The Ultimate Guide to Dubai Buggy Rides

Fun fact: The Arabian Desert is home to over 100 reptile species, ranging from snakes to geckos!

So, tearing through the dunes in a buggy in Dubai won’t just get your heart racing; it’s also a chance to experience the desert’s magic! So, zoom over the dunes, see some camels, spot desert foxes, and enjoy a stunning sunset.

What are you waiting for? Experience the thrill of a Dubai dune buggy ride with our guide below!

Dune Buggy Ride Dubai

Dune Buggy Ride Dubai
Image source: Dune Buggy Ride Dubai

Address: Satwa Roundabout

Phone: +971 55 714 1494

Age restrictions: 4 years old and older

Health restrictions: Not recommended for pregnant women and people with back or neck problems


  • 30 minutes – AED 250
  • 1 hour – AED 350
  • 2 hours – AED 500


Dune Buggy Ride Dubai is one of the top destinations for dune buggy tours in the Dubai desert. They’ve been dune enthusiasts since 2010, stationed in Satwa, Dubai.

For the early birds, they offer discounted Early Bird Buggy Tours. These kick-off in the morning, allowing you to soak up the sunrise and breathe in the fresh desert air.

Additionally, they’ve got the stamp of approval from the Dubai Tourism Department (DTCM). Whether you’re up for a self-drive adventure, a guided tour, or something with sandboarding and camel riding, they’ve got you covered!

Pro tip:
Feeling a bit peckish? Why not hop on for a buggy ride with a BBQ dinner at Dune Buggy Ride Dubai’s desert camp? It’s the way to go for an action- (and stomach-) filled experience!

Big Red Adventure Tours

Big Red Adventure Tours
Image source: Big Red Adventure Tours

Address: Mall of the Emirates

Phone: +971 50 919 2394

Age restriction: Need to be 18 years old and have a valid driving license to drive

Health restriction: Must be in good physical condition


  • 1-hour ride on a 2-seater Can-Am X3 1800 AED
  • 2-hour ride on the Berserker costs 3500 AED


Big Red Adventure Tours is a great place for dune buggy and quad bike tours in the Arabian desert in Dubai. They’ve got a lineup of excellent vehicles like the Polaris RS1, Can-Am X3 Turbo, and the Berserker Maverick R. 

Want to know about the perks? Snacks, refreshments, sandboarding, and hotel pick-up and drop-off—they’ve got it all covered!

Oh, and they’re named after the UAE’s biggest dune, which is one of their fun desert destinations. A squad of professional guides, mechanics, recovery drivers, and supervisors ensures your experience is safe and enjoyable.

What’s more, they offer dinner options and a treasure hunt game for those craving a bit more adventure. You sure need to stay a bit longer here to experience it all.

Pro tip:
For an extra kick of excitement at Big Red Adventure Tours, go for the high-powered Polaris Pro-R or Can-Am Maverick R buggies and conquer Big Red, Dubai’s biggest sand dune, at sunrise. 

Desert Buggys

Desert Buggys
Image source: Desert Buggys

Address: Plaza- office 505, Downtown Dubai

Phone: +971568630329; +971564979825

Age restriction: 18 years old and have a valid driving license to drive a dune buggy

Health restriction: Must be in good physical condition


  • 30-minute ride on a Can-Am Maverick X3 – 1399 AED
  • 2-hour ride on a Yamaha YXZ – 2499 AED


Desert Buggys in Dubai has been dishing out awesome rides in the Arabian Desert since 2013. Imagine yourself sliding and drifting on the sand under the guidance of knowledgeable instructors for an added rush of adrenaline. 

Their dune buggies are made to zoom through the tricky desert like a breeze, with powerful engines, fancy suspension systems, and comfy seats for a ride you won’t forget.

And who’s leading the way? Experienced guides who know the desert like the back of their hands. They’re not just about the ride; they share cool stuff about the desert’s plants, history, and culture.

Desert Buggys has all sorts of tours for everyone. Want a wild, bumpy ride? They got it. Prefer a chill sunset cruise? They got that, too!

And if you’re a group or flying solo, they’ll even customize a tour just for you—how neat!

Pro tip:
Level up your dune buggy game by mastering the “Camel Hump”! 
Take charge as you skillfully guide your buggy over a steep dune crest, experiencing a thrilling moment of weightlessness as you soar through the air.

Expert Rangers Tourism

Expert Rangers Tourism
Image source: Expert Rangers Tourism

Address: Al Qusais, Dubai

Phone: +971-4-2326177; +971-55-7008689

Age restriction: 18 years old and have a valid driving license to drive a dune buggy

Health restriction: Must be in good physical condition


  • 30-minute ride on a 2-seater buggy – 600 AED
  • 2-hour ride on a 4-seater buggy – 1800 AED


Expert Rangers Tourism is a Dubai buggy ride company that has been rocking since 2010. They’re all about thrilling adventures and unique desert experiences for solo explorers or group thrill-seekers. 

They’ve got a fleet of top-notch dune buggies, quad bikes, and gear, so your ride would be fun and safe.

Pick your flavor of adventure with Expert Rangers—think heart-pounding dune buggy rides, quad bike adventures, chill desert safaris, sandboarding thrills, or classic camel rides.

Pro tip:
Consider asking Expert Rangers Tourism’s tour guide about the local legends and folklore surrounding the desert. 
Those stories will add an extra layer of depth and intrigue to your adventure, letting you connect with the spirit of the land.

Al Qudra Tours

Al Qudra Tours
Image source: Al Qudra Tours

Address: AL Qudrah Motor Cycles

Phone: +971 524113284

Age restriction: Children of all ages are welcome

Health restriction: Must be in good physical condition


  • Single-seater buggy – AED 350 for 30 minutes
  • Double-seater buggy – AED 500 for 30 minutes


Al Qudra Tours has been the Dubai expert in desert fun since 2013! This company gives some of the best desert experiences with dune buggy rides, camel rides, and sandboarding.

They’ve got dune buggy tours for every taste and budget. The fan-favorite? The 90-minute time that takes you on a wild ride through the Lahbab Desert.

But that’s not all. They have a 30-minute tour for a quick thrill and a deluxe 4-hour tour for the ultimate desert exploration. 

Plus, all terms swing by a traditional Bedouin camp, a type of temporary shelter used by nomadic people living in the Middle East and North African desert regions. Picture this – sipping Arabic coffee and tea, soaking in Bedouin culture.

In addition, they’ve got your back with safety gear—helmets and goggles—ensuring your desert adventure is exciting and secure.

Pro tip:
For a genuinely one-of-a-kind desert adventure with Al Qudra Tours, why not ditch the regular quad bikes or buggies and go for a sunrise camel trek?
While the rides can sometimes feel routine and crowded, a sunrise camel trek offers a more tranquil and immersive experience, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of the desert.

Arabian City Tourism

Arabian City Tourism
Image source: Arabian City Tourism

Address: Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai 

Phone: +971 56 258 6226; [email protected]

Age restriction:

  • Minimum age of 15 years old to drive
  • Minimum age of 8 years old to be a passenger

Health restriction: Must be in good physical condition


  • 1-hour quad bike tour – AED 250 per person
  • 2-hour quad bike tour – AED 400 per person
  • 3-hour quad bike tour – AED 550 per person
  • 1-hour dune buggy tour – AED 350 per person
  • 2-hour dune buggy tour – AED 550 per person
  • 3-hour dune buggy tour – AED 850 per person


Arabian City Tourism is all about making your trip memorable, focusing on tours, adventures, and buggy rides in Dubai and the UAE.

It invites you to dive into the diverse culture of the Arab world, from Algeria’s ancient Timgad ruins to the modern skyscrapers of Doha, Qatar.

They’re all about making your experience unique—they create personalized plans based on what you love, like a dinner in the desert, ensuring your adventure is exactly what you want!

Not only that, but they also provide inside scoops on exclusive places and activities, making your trip extra special.

On top of that, Arabian City Tourism offers a chance to explore stunning spots in the Arabian Peninsula. Think Musandam Fjords in Oman, the Al Wahbah Crater in Saudi Arabia, and the Liwa Oasis in the UAE.

Pro tip:
For the ultimate desert buggy experience, pre-book your tour with Arabian City Tourism and opt for the VIP package.
It includes top-notch, powerful buggies, a personal guide revealing the best spots in the sand dunes, and a complimentary lunch at a traditional Bedouin camp.

Arabian Adventures

Arabian Adventures
Image source: Arabian Adventures

Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, P.O Box 7631 Dubai

Phone:+971 4 274 8803

Age restrictions: Must be 18 years of age or older to drive

Health restrictions: Standard health restrictions apply

Pricing: Starting from around AED 1,200 per person


Arabian Adventures is a major player in Dubai’s travel scene, kicking off in 1983 and now being a top buggy ride operator. 

At first, this company was all about top-notch desert safaris, gaining many fans for their superb service and unforgettable experiences.

But as time rolled on, Arabian Adventures grew big time. They added city sightseeing tours, cultural adventures, thrilling activities, and even personalized trips to their list of offerings.

In 2014, they joined forces with the Emirates Group, giving them a big shot at regional tourism. They’ve bagged some fantastic awards, like the SITE Crystal Award, and they’re big on doing things in a good way for the planet.

This company is also dedicated to environmental conservation and community support. Since 2010, they’ve earned the CEMARS (Carbon and Energy Measurement and Reduction Scheme) award.

Wanting to stay ahead in the UAE tourism game, they’ve also got the most extensive fleet of 4×4 vehicles and a team of over 500 diverse employees, and they’ve hosted big names from around the globe.

Pro tip:
If you’re up for a dune buggy adventure with a mix of other cool desert stuff, go to catch a traditional Tanoura dance, a traditional folk dance that originated in Egypt and Turkey among the Sufi orders, and a fire show.
For those who still want to do something else (or get a unique and quirky souvenir), you may want to try henna painting and shisha smoking at Arabian Adventures.

MX Dubai

MX Dubai
Image source: MX Dubai

Address: Al Badayer, Dubai Hatta Road

Phone: +971 52 632 1331 English; +971 58 260 0449 Russian/Spanish

Age restrictions: Drivers must be at least 14 years old

Health restrictions: Standard health restrictions apply

Pricing: From about AED 1,050 for a solo ride


MXDubai has been the go-to crew for crazy buggy ride adventures since 2015. flexible booking with options like online, phone, and walk-in bookings. They also provide pick-up and drop-off services, GoPro rentals, refreshments, and insurance. 

What sets MXDubai apart is their high-end fleet of vehicles, killer facilities, and guides who know their stuff. 

If you’re new to dune buggies, no worries! Their expert instructors ensure that even beginners can have a safe and thrilling ride through the desert.

Speaking of dune buggies, theirs are like safety-meets-thrills. They’ve got it all: roll cages, seatbelts, excellent suspension, and comfy seats. And when it comes to safety gear, they’ve got you covered with goggles and helmets.

It seems like whether you’re tearing it up on a dune buggy or dirtbike, they’ve got a plan for everything!

Pro tip:
​While the regular MXDubai buggy ride through the Lahbab Desert is a blast, it’s good to ask for a custom route that goes beyond the usual if you’re after something extraordinary.
This personalized route could throw in more challenging terrain—think steeper dunes and sandy tracks, cranking up the excitement for your buggy ride!