The Travel Guide For Beginners

The Travel Guide For Beginners

A great way to enjoy the money you’ve earned is by traveling. Hopping from one city to another can feel cathartic and freeing, and is a perfect way to release stress. 

But taking the first step to it will always feel scary and daunting. Here are some tips to tackle or organize your very first travel experience! 

Passport, Please! 

You cannot leave or enter a country without official documents. A passport is an essential item you need to have so you can freely travel. 

Here is the official guide on how to apply for one in the UAE. 

Make sure to have your passport and other important documents properly organized (row 1046 – how to organize important documents Dubai) and with you before you leave, or else you will not have a good time (or worse, your trip might get canceled). 

Grab The Right Visa For Your Destination 

Depending on the country you will be traveling to, you would be required to present a visa. We recommend applying one month in advance because this can take a long time. 

Make sure to get the visa first before trying to book accommodations! 

See A Doctor. 

You don’t want to be sick during your trip, right? Try visiting a doctor for a medical checkup. Some visas might require a medical assessment as well. 

If you are feeling specific symptoms, please visit the appropriate healthcare professional or specialists before you go. 

Also, there’s no harm in doing some self-care to release some stress or tension brought by planning! 

Get Insurance! 

Grabbing  travel insurance will increase your security– not just in terms of health and safety. This kind of safeguard can protect you from cancellations, missed transport, or delayed departures. 

Travel insurances also can cover or help you with medical and other emergencies during your travels. So, if possible, we recommend getting one before leaving on your adventure. 

Set A Budget. 

Know how much you will be spending. Estimate how far you can go in terms of shopping for souvenirs or personal items. 

Take note also of the cost of living in the country or location you would be visiting. Some places might force you to spend more on transportation and food, so adjust your budget to fit those needs. 

We would also recommend taking at least some emergency money on hand in case of emergencies. 

It is also cheaper to use your credit card abroad than consistently using an ATM to withdraw during your trip. ATM fees add up the more you use them, after all! 


Here’s where most of the stress would probably come from planning. Look up potential accommodations, such as Airbnb, hotels, or other locations in the area you would be traveling into. 

If on the off-chance that you’re traveling to Dubai, here’s our top recommendations for the best apartments to stay in!

Aside from accommodations, you also have to consider travel methods during your trip. Look out for public transportation services or car rentals if available. 

If you’d like to just pay extra for someone to organize everything for you, travel agencies would be the best people for the job! 

Just make sure to check reviews of the agency you will be hiring so you can avoid any unfortunate circumstances, such as being scammed out of your hard-earned money. 

Yikes, we don’t want that! 

Pack The Essentials! 

Bring the necessary amount of clothes, shoes, toiletries, and other necessities you need. Make sure to consider the minimum weight you need to carry on the plane so you can avoid the extra charges. 

We would also recommend packing extra items– like clothing items, just in case of emergencies. 

Also, try to pack lightly: avoid bringing your entire home! You’re not moving out permanently, you’re just taking a vacation! 

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