A Quick Guide On Event Planning

A Quick Guide On Event Planning 

There will always be a lot of things to organize and consider when planning an event. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a corporate one, from the venue to the entertainment– it’ll certainly be a headache trying to brainstorm it all.

Here’s where we come in! 

This quick guide features a short checklist you can refer to during your planning process! 

Date and Time

Look, an event isn’t going to manifest out of thin air the moment you decide to have one. We recommend having an idea of the most important guests you would want to invite, and determining when they are all available. 

Setting a potential date and time in advance will also help you to organize other aspects needed in your event. These include hiring organizers (if necessary), booking a venue, a caterer, and more! 


List it down. Make a spreadsheet. 

You can even just start writing names on a piece of paper. Knowing the number of guests can help you decide on what venue size will be chosen and the amount of food to be served as well! 

Get That Budget! 

Setting a hard limit can help you determine in which areas of the event you would want to splurge or save. 

In addition, the budget can also make sure that you wouldn’t overspend for just one event. 

Where’s The Event?

We’re talking about a venue here. Depending on the type of event, it can be held in your home if you have enough space.

Some events, such as corporate parties, would be best held in a large hall of a hotel or a restaurant. On the other hand, weddings, or birthday parties can be held in a hotel or a garden


Who are you planning to hire to keep your guests entertained? You can certainly get a DJ, a band, a singer, or even a magician! Just make sure to coordinate with the venue’s manager so they can accommodate you. 


Decide on whether or not you’re going to cook, or you’re going to hire a restaurant’s services. A factor that can help you decide in this regard is the number of guests. 

If you have a short guest list, home cooking would be fine– it would feel even more intimate, especially if they’re all just family and friends. 

On the other hand, for large-scale events, we recommend hiring a catering service to devise a full menu and manage the food station during an event. 

Devise a Program 

How would your event run? Sketching a rough outline or a fully detailed event program can help you see if you have enough entertainment or activities for your event. 

This program can also let you see how the event would progress and for how long it would take. 

Seating Plan

For more than fifty guests and especially if it’s a formal event, we recommend organizing a seating plan. This is to help organizers during the event in sorting out the guests into their seats. 

We also recommend trying to mix people at tables where their companions would be people they know and those they don’t know. 

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