Is it Cheaper Shopping in Dubai

Is it Cheaper Shopping in Dubai?

Dubai is a well-known shopping haven for bargain hunters worldwide. Both physical stores and online marketplaces are filled with a variety of brands and items offered at a discount, making it a great city to indulge your inner shopaholic.

Aside from just the variety of items on offer, Dubai doesn’t charge sales tax on most items, provided they do not go against Islamic values. This helps keep the prices of their goods like clothes quite low, at least when compared to most other countries.

Can I Shop Tax-Free in Dubai?

The UAE introduced a Value-Added-Tax (VAT) of around 5% back in 2018 but it is still possible to enjoy tax-free shopping in Dubai as a tourist.

Goods that will be exported can have their tax charges refunded either in full or partly. However, they do not apply to any good that has been consumed.

Once you enter a store, you can request a Tax Free purchase. Keep in mind that these are typically only valid on purchases with a minimum spend of AED 250.

Shop assistants will then scan your passport and attach a Tax Free tag on the back of the receipt. You then need to validate these tags within 90 days of the purchase.

Tourists can simply take their purchased goods and receipts to Tax Free validation points at the Dubai airport. It’s important to carry the actual items since they might need to be checked and validated.

Once it is done, tourists can just choose their preferred refund method.

Plenty of Opportunities for Shopping

Shopping is a popular pastime in Dubai simply because the city has a lot of shopping malls. There are a lot of mega-shopping centres as well as smaller, more specialised boutiques. 

The Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates are the most popular places for most items like jewellery, high-end brands, and more.

On the other hand, bargain hunters looking for more specialised items like antiques can visit the multiple flea markets and boutiques that have sprung up along places like The Beach at JBR, Box Park, and the City Walk.

You can easily find great hand-made furniture, rare editions of older books, rugs, Arabic fragrances, and even works of art like paintings provided you know how to look and bargain.

Specialised marketplaces have also gained international renown among frequent visitors. Both Bur Dubai and the Deira City Centre Shopping Mall are known for selling electronic items at great prices.

For chocolates, Baqer Modebi is well-known to stock chocolate from well-known brands like Hershey’s at affordable prices. They even offer additional discounts when buying in bulk.

Try Looking Online

Aside from traditional brick-and-mortar locations, online shopping can also be a great way to look for deals in Dubai.

Online marketplaces like can offer great prices on multiple things ranging from clothes, to electronics, and even home decorations. You can also take advantage of the store’s daily deals and frequent promotional discounts to save money.

Shopping online also makes it more convenient to sort through the items available. You can filter for them via categories like prices, sizes, and other factors.

Of course, it does come with drawbacks such as not being able to check the item beforehand prior to shipping. Always read reviews and stick to reputable sellers in order to avoid getting scammed.

Visitors who know where to look and how to bargain can really get a great deal when shopping in Dubai. It is easy to take advantage of the multiple promotions and deals going on to indulge the inner shopaholic inside.

Still, always check your items as well as the stores you are buying from. This helps ensure that you walk away with amazing deals rather than ending up with bad memories as a result of a scam.