Insects That Destroy Clothes

Insects That Destroy Clothes

We may feel down in the dumps when our favorite articles of clothing suddenly have holes in them due to insects. Once one hole has been eaten away, another one will follow.

This is why it’s important to note which type of insects are capable of doing this. Also, you should call pest services right away the minute you know there are insects in your home.

The first thing that comes into mind is moths, as they are infamous for eating away our clothes. However, beetles, cockroaches, and crickets may also be the culprits.

To go more in-depth into this situation, here’s a list of insects that can destroy your clothes.

Insects That Destroy Clothes

It’s vital to know the several insects that destroy clothes to protect the belongings in your house or furnished apartment. In the following, we’ll dive into these insects you may or may not know about.

1. Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetle larvae, not adult carpet beetles, actually are the ones that feed on your clothes. Adult female carpet beetles will lay about 100 eggs in places where their children will have a fruitful time eating away their fill.

These locations can be clothing, gaps in flooring, furniture, and carpets.

The time when eggs would hatch is going to depend on the species of the carpet beetle. This process can be sped up in warm weather.

Once the eggs have hatched, they feed on fabric such as fur, wool, leather, and feathers.

2. Clothes Moth

Similar to the carpet beetles, it’s the larvae that feed on your clothes. Adult female moths lay more eggs compared to carpet beetles, which range from 100 to 300 eggs.

Clothes moths typically eat animal-based materials that are rich in keratin—and yes, this includes your skin and fingernails! Other materials are wool, hair, fur, and feathers.

This is why clothing and even carpets that have been soiled with oils or perspiration are susceptible to being eaten away by these pests.

3. Cricket

Surprisingly, crickets can also be a nuisance by making holes in your clothes.

Crickets commonly eat away soiled clothes. They usually feast on the remains of stains and oftentimes would cut the threads of the fabric.

Watch out for cricket excrements, as these will stain your clean clothes. Rewash them for an easy and quick solution for this mishap.

4. Cockroach

Cockroaches are deadly. Their droppings may spread disease and can stain your clothes.

These pests can damage whichever clothing or fabric you have lying around in your home. They are attracted to body fluid stains, perspiration, laundry starch, and spills from your last night’s meal.

5. Firebrat

Firebrats look similar to silverfish since they belong to the same insect order. Their brown-coated bodies are carrot-shaped and are wingless.

They are more active at night and are ridiculously fast runners when they are caught out of their hiding place. Once these firebrats are able to munch on their food source, chances are they will stick close by.

They feast on linen, rayon, cotton, and any starched fabric. Stains from food and beverage spills that are sugar-based will certainly attract these pests.

The holes they make are irregularly shaped, usually going along the lines of the stain.

6. Silverfish

Just like firebrats, silverfish are wingless and have a silver-coated body. They like to particularly fester in dark places that are at room temperature.

Silverfish also stay close to their food sources. They usually feed on food stains, body soil, and natural fibers such as cotton and silk. Similarly, they eat away the edges of stains rich in starch.

How to Protect Your Clothes from Pests

There are many precautions that you can take in order to protect your favorite clothing.

Fabrics such as those made of wool should be dry-cleaned and properly stored. Those made of leather and velvet are also susceptible to damage by these pests, so store them in places that are safe.

Properly storing clothes isn’t just folding your clean clothes then calling it a day. Consider putting them away in tight-fit containers along with some mothballs to drive away pests that want to lay some eggs on your clothes.

Lastly, the best way to protect your clothes is to manage the infestation well. Have complete control over the condition of your closets and, ultimately, your home in order to avoid having pests in the first place.

You may also buy pesticides to kill insects on your next payday, assuming it isn’t infestation yet.

Make sure to regularly check your closets for these insects, as you’ll never know if you still have any clothes left to wear. If the situation is too much to handle, you may contact a professional.

Aside from clothing, you should also watch out for your upholstery furniture as they’re made from fabric as well. 

To avoid being in the presence of insects entirely, it’s advisable to call cleaning services regularly. This is to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of your home.

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