Renovation Tips for Landlords

Renovation Tips for Landlords

When putting out your property for rent, it’s important that you make your infrastructure pleasing to the eye. You would want to make your home or furnished apartment seem welcome and comfortable to live in, after all. 

This will entice renters and future tenants to check your place and move in. You should also ensure that your location and home stands out from the millions of choices available in the market.

If you have pieces of furniture or interior designs that you feel are not up-to-date, you may opt to refurbish and renovate. You may do this with the help of an architecture firm or a construction company.

Both will turn your vision into a reality when it comes to home renovations.

In the following, we’ll be discussing the tips and tricks for renovating your property.

1. Analyze and plan everything out

Think about what needs to be fixed around your home and what needs to be removed. It may be an old lightbulb that doesn’t seem to be working or a pipe that needs repair.

Maybe there’s upholstery furniture that’s no longer functional, so it has to go. Focus on what needs to be in good function so that your renters will have an easy time staying there.

You want to make sure that your home is nothing but convenient. Also, think about what to add to cater to the needs of your tenants.

May this be new furniture, a great mattress, or possibly an extra room if there will be many people living there. You may even go the extra mile and add a swimming pool for them to have good sun-kissed photos to post on Instagram.

Emphasize the features of your home and make it look appealing. Lastly, think about if you really need to fully refurbish your home or just tinker with the small aspects of your home. 

The cost of renovating is no joke, so it’s important to plan ahead on what needs to be done.

2. Renovate the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the common areas of a residence, so it should be both functional and convenient. Make sure that the appliances and items you will provide are easily accessible and are durable to avoid future repairs.

You may also need the help of an interior designer to have better aesthetics. This benefits both your renters and the market value of your property.

Choose a good color scheme

Having a good color scheme makes the room more pleasing to the eye, enticing your renters to use the place more often. Going with something light colored such as white or beige may make the room appear more spacious and brighter.

However, choosing a light color will make dirt, oil, and other junk more visible too. It’s all about choosing your priorities when it comes to design.

Make your metals shine

Get rid of the rust that might have festered overtime on your railings and appliances. Doing so will make your amenities appealing.

Invest in good cleaning supplies or even hire cleaning services to make your pots and pans squeaky clean. They’ll ensure the entire maintenance and cleanliness of your home.

3. Revamp the bathroom

Since we’ve discussed cleaning the kitchen, it’s now time to discuss revamping the bathroom.

Clean your bathroom

Having a fascinating bathroom free of mold, mildew, and pests can make or break a renter’s decision when scouting out your home. The general rule of thumb is to clean your bedroom at least once a week or twice during allergy season.

Remove molds

As mentioned, removing molds will surely lift up the value of your property. Not only does it make your bathroom look clean, but it’ll also be free from that unwanted damp smell.

Most importantly, this is to protect the structure and cleanliness of your home. Mold also attracts pests; so unless you want to deal with a pest infestation, you should eliminate mold right away.

Here are some items you may use to do so:

  • Anti-mold paint or paint additives
  • Bleach and water
  • Lemons and vinegar

4. Add decorations

Painting over a blank wall is a good way to spruce up a room. Choosing a statement color for your wall is always a good choice.

You may want to add plants and other greenery into the picture to spice up your home.

Also, add more storage such as shelves and cabinets to give your tenants more space to put their things in.

Making your home look aesthetic is no easy task. However, the tips we have shared above should help you finish renovating in no time.

Make sure to wear protective gear when handling heavy equipment, or ask for a professional’s help for safety purposes.

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