Exploring the Dubai Marina

Exploring the Dubai Marina

Set on a pristine stretch of sand and sea, the Dubai Marina is one of the city’s most exclusive neighbourhoods. It’s definitely on the top of the list of things to do and visit when you’re visiting the exciting city of Dubai.

Best Things to See at the Dubai Marina

From sparkling blue water on the beach, a beautiful sunset cruise experience, and some nice seaside shopping for souvenirs and items, here are some of the best things to check out at the Dubai Marina:

Shop at the Dubai Marina Mall!

Shop at the Dubai Marina Mall!

Photo by: Sergio Boscaino

This gorgeous waterfront mall may only have four levels but it is still quite impressive. It features over 140 different outlets of different storefronts and restaurants, ensuring that its visitors are not missing out on choice.

The best thing about this mall is that aside from the typical high and affordable fashion outlets, there’s also a number of places here for kids and thrill-seekers looking to make the most of their visit.

Couples can catch the latest blockbusters at the Reel Cinemas, with theatres featuring Dolby audio that helps make the auditory experience a lot more immersive.

On the other hand, thrill-seekers should be able to enjoy the Xline Dubai Marina. It is known to be the longest urban zipline in the world, letting you swoop down from around 170 metres high, giving you the feeling of being a superhero flying in the sky.

It’s not a bad place to look for accommodations as well. It is close to the Address Dubai Marina Hotel which features some really nice rooms and delicious dining establishments in case you get hungry.

Best of all, visitors looking to bring their own personal vehicles can get free parking for the first three hours in the Mall. That should be more than enough time for you to do your main shopping trip and check out some of the popular outlets in the mall!

Stroll at the Dubai Marina Walk

Stroll at the Dubai Marina Walk

Photo by: Guilhem Vellut

If you wish to take a leisurely stroll, then the Dubai Marina Walk will not disappoint. Located in the heart of New Dubai, this place is home to chic cafes, relaxing spas, and a whole host of interesting sights and sounds.

The promenade offers wide walkways dotted with beautiful palm trees and a lot of greenery. It’s not uncommon to see people taking a walk or even cycling via their own vehicles or by renting one from the BYKY stands across various points at the place.

Families with kids may also find different slides, swings, and climbing spots for their little ones to play in. Parents also don’t need to worry as many of these attractions feature rubber flooring to ensure kids don’t hurt themselves.

Unlike the mall however, parking spots here are a bit more limited so you may want to come early or seek parking elsewhere (like in Dubai Marina Mall). However, there’s free parking for a limited time in the different buildings lining the Marina Walk.

Chill at the Dubai Marina Beach

Chill at the Dubai Marina Beach

Photo by: getyourguide.co.uk

Set across a serene blue sea and filled with all sorts of dining and recreational facilities, the Dubai Marina Beach is one of the best spots in the area to just unwind and indulge in a few water-based activities.

It is open twenty-four hours, letting you choose if you wish to relax and get some sun for your skin or indulge in some night swimming while the social life and parties ramp up.

Jet skiing in particular is quite popular and the Marina Beach has always remained a hotspot for the activity for both residents and tourists. Just past the sand, you may also see cyclists taking a ride by the side to enjoy the cool breeze.

Those who are really looking for adventure may also want to walk just near the Jumeirah Beach Residence and towards the AquaFun Water Park; the largest inflatable park in the world.

It boasts over 74 different games for kids and grown-ups, as well as a good selection of adrenaline-pumping slides and sweeps that all culminate in a nice refreshing swim at the pool.

All these watersports make for great exercise activities and a new way to enjoy the clean water. We recommend visiting early, just before 7:00 AM so that you can enjoy a nice sunrise without the usual morning crowd.

Enjoy a Nice Cruise

Enjoy a Nice Cruise

Photo from: dhowcruise.net

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with just enjoying the sights and sounds of the Marina and one of the best ways to do that is by getting on a boat and taking a cruise around the sea.

You can always find and book a boat tour such as the Alexandra Dhow Cruise which features its own floating restaurant and live performances. It allows you to drink and dine at the backdrop of the city’s towering skyscrapers and beaches.

It’s not a bad way to take cityscape pictures as well, since you can capture the facade of Dubai under the setting sun and the blue sea. Just take note of the best times and techniques for you to capture a memorable image to bring home.

Get a Taste of the Culture and Religion

Get a Taste of the Culture and Religion

Photo from: islamicic.com

Have you never been inside a mosque before? Well, the Mohammed Bin Ahmed Mulla Mosque is possibly the only and most popular religious site in the Dubai Marina area. 

The place offers a guided tour that is open to people of all faith groups, cultures, and races, acting as a good gateway for additional understanding regarding the Islamic faith that shaped the nation’s history.

Tours are conducted in English and last around 45 minutes, giving guests ample time for questions and answers. They will even provide snacks such as Arabic sweets and coffee, which are quite well-known worldwide.

It’s not the most adrenaline-pumping activity, but it is also a means to relax and expand your knowledge and understanding at the same time.

How to Go to the Dubai Marina

One of the fastest ways to get to the Dubai Marina is by using the Dubai Metro Station. Wherever you’re coming from, you should get off at the DAMAC Properties Metro Station on Sheikh Zayed Road.

After that, you should go and exit at the JLT exit then head on to the pedestrian overpass and towards the Dubai Marina Tram Station.

Finally, you can choose to walk straight towards the Dubai Marina Mall or take a scenic route on the side towards the Dubai Marina Walk. It’s up to you whether you wish to shop or stroll first.

With all these attractions and activities, the Dubai Marina really stands out as one of the most exciting lifestyle destinations in the city. It offers tourists a mix of the modern and traditional via the city and the wide blue sea.

Simply take your pick from the options above. No matter what kind of lifestyle you lead, the Dubai Marina and by extension, the whole city, should have just the right thing for you.