Dubai vs. Abu Dhabi Beaches

Dubai vs. Abu Dhabi Beaches

Beaches have always been a traditional summer getaway and Dubai is no slouch in that department. Still, it is always interesting to see how its offerings compare to other areas.

In this writeup, we’ll see how Dubai’s beaches compare with its close neighbour Abu Dhabi. You can compare all of its major offerings in order to check which beach works for your preferences.

Beaches in Dubai

With the region having close to 1,000km of soft, sandy shoreline, there’s no shortage of sand and water to choose from. As such, Dubai has a number of good beaches that visitors can relax in, each with their own memorable offerings.

Whether you are looking for a brief swim in the water, some fun beach games like volleyball, or even a relaxing massage by the sea, here are some of the best beaches you can visit in Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah has a very popular promenade where visitors can shop, dine, and indulge in the sights and sounds near the sea. There’s a number of international retailers in the area as well, making it a good stop for gifts and souvenirs as well.

Of course, it is a rather busy place buzzing with activity. It is definitely a place to check out if you like high energy and a more bustling environment.

4×4 Beach

As per the name, you will need a 4×4 vehicle in order to set up and enjoy this beach. It is quite massive, stretching from road to shore so you don’t need to worry too much about having enough space to enjoy the sights.

The wide expanse of sand makes for good workouts and a site for beach games. And for those looking for a view, they can also treat their eyes to a view of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in the far distance.

Al Sufouh Beach

Residents call this beach by many names, among them being Black Palace Beach or Secret Beach. It has a reputation for being a great spot to get away from most crowds in order to just take in the sights of the sky and the sea.

Visitors also get a good view of the iconic Burj Al Arab. As per its name though, it is advised for visitors to bring supplies since there aren’t a lot of facilities nearby.

Dubai Beach Clubs

Of course, an alternative experience for those looking to replicate the beach experience without the crowd, a beach club is also a good option. Think of it as a restaurant or bar with the similar trappings of a beach.

Beach clubs can be a good alternative to those who can take full advantage of a membership and those who may not want to deal with the crowd and lively energy by the seaside.


Diners can enjoy a delicious Provencal meal when they lounge in the Drift beach club. Guests will also get to enjoy a swim at their long infinity pool complete with all the amenities a visitor might want.

It is a good alternative to a traditional beach experience in Dubai. Guests can even see the beachfront and lush surroundings by the water in Drift.

Riva Beach Club

Riva Beach Club offers a good, relaxing atmosphere which we think is perfect for families looking for a calmer time. Visitors can enjoy a view of the Dubai Skyline, while also enjoying a swim at their private beach.

Kids who aren’t accustomed to the seawater can enjoy temperature-controlled pools to help make them comfortable. Lastly, Riva also serves delicious meats, seafood, and cocktails for guests when they get hungry.

Zero Gravity Dubai

Zero Gravity boasts a good hybrid experience with a pristine beach and a glass-fronted swimming pool, giving guests choice in their swimming preferences. The zone is filled with activities throughout the day as it also doubles as a fancy nightclub in the evening.

Zero Gravity is definitely a party zone and club for more adventurous visitors. Members can definitely take advantage of the different culinary experiences and vibrant social life the resort offers.

Abu Dhabi Beaches

In contrast to its more vibrant and energetic counterpart, Abu Dhabi definitely has a more reserved and traditional ambiance. Of course, some people may prefer this more subdued energy when going on a vacation.

On the other hand, Abu Dhabi does have a reputation for some really great beaches. It is known internationally as a winter sun getaway location with a lot of excellent amenities. Their offerings are definitely worth looking at as well.

Nurai Island

Visitors looking not just for a traditional beach experience but for a quick island getaway can visit the Zaya Nurai Island resort. It is a private island with a very chill, Bohemian-chic city atmosphere.

Visitors looking for a relaxing time with excellent sights can enjoy the photogenic white sands and clear turquoise waters reminiscent of the Maldives. On the other hand, water sports and snorkelling activities are available for guests looking to get hands on.

Saadiyat Public Beach

Rivalling even most private beach clubs, the Saadiyat Public Beach is well-known among the international crowd for its white sands, beautiful sky, and of course, clear blue water. It definitely delivers a very comfortable experience for its guests.

Guests should note that the access fee is a lot more expensive than other public beach areas though, given its fine facilities. Many guests do rate it high though, noting that the experience is worth the extra cost.

Al Bateen Beach

Overlooking Hudayriat Island and its bridge towards the west of Abu Dhabi, Al Bateen Beach offers around 800 metres of beautiful blue waterfront. Residents and expats will definitely enjoy the picturesque views near the beach, leading to a relaxing experience.

It’s not a boring experience either. Visitors can also indulge in watersports like paddling and kayaking, as well as sports like beach volleyball on the sand.

Abu Dhabi Beach Clubs

Of course, Abu Dhabi does have its own beach clubs as well, for members looking for a more relaxed experience.

Bayshore Beach Club

Guests can enjoy being pampered on Bayshore’s private beach and swimming pools, thanks to a whole host of amenities like spas, health clubs, and private cabanas.

The club also offers a dive training school as well as other boating experiences. It is definitely a great spot to start exploring the depths of the Arabian sea.

Saadiyat Beach Club

Just East of the Saadiyat Public Beach is the exclusive domain of the Saadiyat Beach Club, where guests can enjoy a day on the sand and its well-known infinity pool.

Guests can also enjoy delicious snacks as well as some pampering services like a sauna, Jacuzzi, and even a gym for workouts.

Nation Riviera Beach Club

Attached to the St. Regis Abu Dhabi, the Nation Riviera is possibly one of the most well-known beach clubs in the city. Aside from just its members, the club also offers day access for its casual visitors.

Families can also enjoy the club since they offer separate children’s swimming areas as well as outdoor and indoor play areas to keep kids occupied. 

Choosing Your Next Beachside Getaway

While Abu Dhabi is known internationally for its famous beaches and clubs, Dubai is no slouch in that department either. The thriving city does have a lot to offer when it comes to its own seaside attractions.

Regardless of your preferred destination, it is always good to plan ahead and coordinate. So for anyone who needs help with their planning, they can also check out our list of the best travel agencies in Dubai here.