Date Ideas in Dubai for Rainy Days

Date Ideas in Dubai for Rainy Days

As an introvert, it might seem a little difficult coming up with a quieter date in Dubai. The city is well-known for being dynamic, with a vibrant energy throughout most places.

Fortunately, you can still find a number of fun activities to do with a significant other, whether it’s a new dining experience, a game night, or a simple bonding moment. You just need to keep an eye out for all your possible options in the city.

Dine at a Romantic Spot in Dubai

Sometimes, a nice romantic meal and drink is all that you and your partner might want. In that case, Dubai is always ready to offer you this experience.

For example, you can treat your partner to Il Borro Tuscan Bistro in the vicinity of Jumeirah Al Naseem. You can enjoy delicious Italian cuisine in a more luxurious and quieter setting than other restaurants.

Or perhaps you might want to treat him or her to the Drift Beach, which is a good spot if you wish to go out in the mornings or the afternoons. Meals here are an all-day affair though the view of the night stars by the terrace is quite exquisite.

Many other fine dining establishments also offer more intimate spaces for such occasions. Simply pick a cuisine you would like to try and Dubai is sure to have something for you.

Remember to set aside around AED 200 to AED 300 for each person when choosing a romantic fine dining spot.

Take them Book Shopping

Perhaps you and your partner like spending time immersed in the pages of a good book? In that case, Dubai has a lot of places you can check out for book shopping.

If you want variety and convenience, then you can check out Japanese book giant Kinokuniya at the Dubai Mall for starters.

Kinokuniya offers decent stock and impeccable organisation, making it a convenient shopping experience. You might even catch some book signing events here, as well as language lessons for those interested.

Perhaps you and your partner like looking for older books at a good deal. In that case, you can check out Book World at Al Satwa in Dubai.

You can find all manner of books, magazines, and even comics, with some magazines dating as far back as 1980. Perhaps this might just be the place to find your partner that old, obscure title that they’ve been searching for.

Book prices will vary but you can expect to spend around AED 20 up to AED 100 for some publications. Used books on Book World can be had for as low as AED 5 as well.

Stop for a Coffee

A coffee date is a very classic get together used in many stories on print or on screen. It’s quick, private, and can be included as part of a bigger trip with your partner.

In this instance, Dubai isn’t lacking in options. If you want to really find the best in taste then Alchemy is a popular stop among residents in Dubai.

It may appear very basic, with simple amenities like WiFi and charging stations, but this does work in its favour. It allows the two of you to focus on your coffee as well as getting to know each other.

Or perhaps you can check out Tania’s Teahouse, which offers a picturesque place as well as delicious food and drinks. It’s easy to capture some really beautiful memories here with a partner.

You can also check out something like Café Ceramique, where you both get a chance to indulge your inner artist by painting, drawing, and designing your own ceramic mugs and cups as you wait for your meal.

You can have a good coffee with your partner for around AED 20 to AED 40 each depending on the type of brew.

Watch a Movie with your Partner

Dubai has a number of different movie theatres scattered around the city. You can easily find your preferred viewing experience with just a little bit of scouting and asking.

For instance, do you and your partner want a good picture in a convenient spot? Then you might want to check out Reel Cinemas at the Dubai Mall.

It prides itself on its 270-degree cinema screens, giving even your peripheral vision a treat. You can really feel the creeping dread in the corner of horror flicks, or see the rush of adrenaline of an action blockbuster.

On the other hand, a theatre like Cinema Akil offers a more intimate and old-time viewing experience. It’s perfect for checking out independent films and old films.

Lastly, VOX Outdoor’s rooftop cinema allows you to enjoy a movie under the stars and lights of the Dubai skyline. Their comfortable seats and bean bags make it a very comfortable night with a partner.

The price of movie tickets do vary of course. You can expect to spend around AED 40 for a ticket in a standard cinema, and AED 200 for state-of-the art viewing experiences.

Of course, movie dates can be tricky especially if you want to be able to talk to your partner. So there’s also no harm in just renting a movie, ordering some snacks, and taking the experience at home.

Play a Board Game

As an introvert, you might want to just detox from even the digital space and look to take things old school. In that case, you and your partner may enjoy a few rounds of Uno or Monopoly in one of Dubai’s board game cafés.

Choose from over 800 different games while enjoying delicious artisan sandwiches at Unwind at Al Barsha. They even have game masters that can help with the mechanics in case it’s your first time playing.

On the other hand, you can also check out Hive Board Game Café, which offers free parking for the first two hours, while you eat and play the games you want.

It’s quite affordable too, costing you around AED 120 for two people.

Go Camping

Perhaps you fancy an adventure with just you and your partner. In that case, going camping around Dubai is a viable venture for those with the time and the means.

Dubai has some particularly scenic locations to camp and have a picnic. For example, Al Qudra Lakes boasts a diverse ecosystem for reptiles and birds to keep you company.

It’s also well-known for its heart-shaped lake known as the Love Lake, with the vegetation trimmed to accentuate its popularity as a  romantic getaway.

You could also pitch a tent by the beach shoreline of Umm Al Quwain Beach where you can explore the mangroves or even kayak by the water.

Just keep in mind some tips before you go camping. For one, it always pays to ask authorities where you can set up your tent and your supplies.

Aside from that, winter seasons are typically the best months for domestic travel and camping, as you don’t have to worry about the heat too much.

The best thing about camping is that your costs can be as high or as low as you want it. Entry fee can cost as low as AED 20 and sometimes it’s even free.

After that, it will now depend on the food and gear you personally brought with you, which includes your tent and any appliances.

Despite the crowds and dynamic energy, Dubai can still be a great place for introverts. They definitely have a lot of options for romantic excursions and experiences for those who prefer a quieter atmosphere.

Always try to explore and look around your surroundings. Who knows, your next romantic getaway may just be waiting somewhere in Dubai.