Best Weekend Getaways in Dubai

Exploring the Best Weekend Getaways in Dubai

Here’s a fun fact: Dubai has over 425 world records, the most awarded city in all of the Middle East! 

But if all these attractions are not enough to satisfy your wanderlust, of course, this city still has more to offer with weekend getaways in Dubai that let you see a different side of this emirate.

Ready to take the road less travelled? Here are our top recommendations.

Go on a Dubai Desert Safari


Address: ACICO Business Park Building – Office No. 703-705 – Port Saeed Road – Deira – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact details: +971 4 2087 466


  • Rates available upon booking

Going on a desert safari is definitely the ultimate weekend getaway in Dubai because you’re not only exploring the vast desert but you’re also experiencing Dubai before it became a mega city.

Now if you think that the desert is nothing but sand, you’re wrong because in these dunes are experiences that will surely last your lifetime.

So, if you need some advice: spend the night in the desert to really experience it in all its glory. And don’t worry about planning because Desert Safari Dubai can take care of all that for you.

One of the top tour operators in the city, Desert Safari Dubai offers some of the most diverse desert safari options that you can find in the market. 

So, whatever your idea of an amazing weekend getaway in the desert is, you’re sure to experience it with one of these packages:

Explore Beautiful Abu Dhabi


Address: PO Box 94000 – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

Contact details: +971 2 666 4442

If you’re planning to go outside Dubai for your weekend getaway, make the one hour drive to the country’s capital Abu Dhabi.

Although not as packed with attractions as Dubai, Abu Dhabi also has a lot up its sleeve to help you enjoy a great weekend.

And don’t worry about your itinerary because we did the homework and gathered these activities that you can do while in the city:

  • Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

This mosque is one of the most important landmarks of Abu Dhabi and you’ll surely want to see it in all its splendor.

The structure is decked in beautiful Macedonian marble and decorated using Fatimid, Ottoman and Mameluke design elements to make it both traditional and modern.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is also the biggest in the UAE and it can accommodate up to 20,000 people at a time.

  • See the city from the Observation Deck at 300.

The Observation Deck is the best spot in all of Abu Dhabi to see the skyline. The city’s version of Burj Khalifa is located 74 floors high at the Conrad Etihad Towers Luxury Hotel.

If you’re a guest in the hotel, you get to enjoy the observation deck for free. But if you’re an outsider, you need to pay an entry fee of AED 95 per person, which can be redeemed for food and drinks at the restaurant.

  • Get your dose of adrenaline at Ferrari World.

Ferrari World is undoubtedly the most popular tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi, especially if you’re looking for adrenaline.

After all, it’s home to the Formula Rossa, the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in the world travelling at 240 kilometers per hour in just 4.9 seconds.

Yes, it’s so fast that you need to put on goggles before you can ride the roller coaster. When you’re traveling 4.8Gs at heights of 52 meters, this will surely be the ride of your life.

But if the Formula Rossa is too fast and scary, don’t you worry because there are plenty of things to do inside this massive theme park.

If you love cars, you’ll have a grand time checking out the massive collection of Ferrari cars dating back as far as 1947.

The kids can test out their driving skills at the Junior GT Track while you can enjoy different rides around the park like the Mission Ferrari, Turbo Track and Flying Aces.

If you have the extra budget, you can make the most of your trip to Ferrari World by booking the Drive a Ferrari experience.

For AED 1,295, you can choose your dream Ferrari car and drive it around Yas Island. And if you want to go all out, book the VIP experience for AED 1,500.

Here, you don’t only have full and priority access to all of the park’s attractions but you also get a five-hour guided experience with a VIP host.

  • Experience Abu Dhabi’s history at Qasr Al-Hosn.

Also known as the White Fort, Qasr Al-Hosn is the oldest building in Abu Dhabi that used to be the residence and seat of government by the ruling family.

Today, it has been convered into a museum that tells the story of Abu Dhabi’s history and culture with different artifacts and images of how the emirate evolved into what it is today.

Here, you can also admire the building’s intriciate decor, especially its beautiful tile work that showcases the emirate’s architecture.

  • Learn about falcons at the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital.

The falcon is considered the UAE’s national symbol, so it’s only fitting for the city to create a special veterinary hospital for ill and injured falcons.

The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital offers a guided tour that will let you learn about these majestic birds and how they’re treated in the facility.

  • Admire the magnificence of Sheikh Zayed Bridge.

Of course, you can’t leave Abu Dhabi without seeing its most important structure – the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Bridge.

With its design combining Arabic and Islamic architectural styles, this bridge is truly a marvel and one of the most unique structures you’ll see in the world.

Visit the bridge right before sunset to see it come to life as it’s being lit up. This is the perfect time to take those amazing photos.

With all that exploring around Abu Dhabi, you’ll surely want to relax in a comfortable accomodation and eat a sumptuous meal at a good restaurant.

Fortunately, we also got you covered with these amazing recommendations for both the best hotels and restaurants in the city:

Experience the Adventure of Yas Island


Address: Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

Contact details: +971 2 496 8000

Operating hours:

  • 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily

Yas Island may be part of Abu Dhabi, but it can be the only place you visit for your weekend getaway from Dubai and you’ll surely have a grand time.

Being one of the city’s top tourism projects, Yas Island is home to some of its top attractions including Ferrari World and the Yas Marina Circuit where the annual Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is held.

The island definitely has everything you’d ever need for the weekend, so prepare for a packed schedule. And what are the things you can do on Yas Island? Here are things to include on your list:

  • Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is a massive themed park divided into six themed lands: Warner Bros. Plaza, Dynamite Gulch, Bedrock, Cartoon Junction, Metropolis and Gotham City.

Here, you can enjoy different rides, attractions and shops that you’ll probably spend an entire day just exploring the park.

  • SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is one of the island’s newest attractions and the first SeaWorld in the world without any orcas.

The marine theme park features 15 rides, 17 dining spots and 13 shops, and it’s home to over 152 species of marine animals.

It also has the Yas SeaWorld Research and Rescue that adopts rescued marine animals.

  • Yas Waterworld

If you’re looking to beat the heat, head to Yas Waterworld, a massive water park that’s home to the famous Surf’s Up! Bubbles’ Barrel slide, the world’s largest surfable sheet wave surf.

It’s also the largest theme park in Abu Dhabi with over 40 theme rides, attractions and slides that everyone from kids to adults can enjoy.

  • Yas Links

If you love golf, you can’t visit Yas Island without stopping by the Kyle Philips-designed golf course. 

The 18-hole championship course also has an airconditioned swing studio, pool area and golf club and golf shop for you to enjoy.

Of course, you can’t leave Yas Island without spending time at Yas Beach and exploring the mangroves through a tour.

Relax at the Al Seef Heritage Hotel


Address: Dubai Creek – Al Seef Street – Umm Hurair 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact details: +971 4 707 7080


  • Rates available upon booking

If your idea of a great weekend getaway in Dubai involves a lot of rest and relaxation, you need to book a staycation at the Al Seef Heritage Hotel.

Located by the majestic Dubai Creek in the historic part of the city, the hotel immerses you in rich Emirati culture where you’re near the souks, the forts and everything that’s part of Old Dubai.

This beautifully designed hotel blends in perfectly with its surroundings, but rooms are furnished with all the modern amenities that you need for a relaxing stay.

You can also enjoy the spa, pool and fitness center at the nearby Canopy by Hilton Dubai Al Seef with free transport provided to and from the hotel.