Best Sweet Shops in Dubai

From Local to Luxe: Your Dubai Sweet Shop Tour 

Ever heard of bukaj? It’s a delightful treat from Al Samadi Sweets in Dubai—a baklava pouch filled with cashews from the ‘70s.

Dubai offers fantastic dessert spots, akin to art galleries for sugar enthusiasts, showcasing sweet masterpieces.

Come along as we uncover the stories and secrets of Dubai’s sweet destinations below.

Katrina Sweets & Confectionary

Address: Mirdif, Dubai

Phone: +971 4 284 7182

Pricing: $$


Katrina Sweets & Confectionary is one of Dubai’s best sweet shops. They whip up the tastiest treats—think cakes, pastries, breads, and cookies—all jazzed up in different flavors and designs. Also, they’ve got coffee shops and kiosks everywhere!

Their menu is a sweet journey, with treats like red velvet cake, praline cake, vanilla sponge with white chocolate, and fun dinosaur-themed cakes.

But it’s not just cakes; they’ve also got croissants, muffins, donuts, pies, brownies, eclairs, macarons, and gingerbread.

And the best part? You won’t need to break the bank for a sugar rush. Katrina Sweets & Confectionary seems to keep it pocket-friendly. 

A standard 1 kg cake? It’s around 150 AED. Want to upsize to 1.5 kg for that extra personal touch? That’ll be approximately 250 AED.

Pro tip:
If you’re hunting for a present for someone with a sweet tooth, go for Katrina Sweets & Confectionary’s mixed cookies. 
Tucked into a charming tin box, these goodies last a while and come in flavors like oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, coconut, and gingerbread. 

Shree Gangour Sweets and Restaurant

Address: Oud Metha, Dubai 

Phone: +971 4 337 4105

Pricing: $$


Shree Gangour is a go-to sweet shop in Dubai for Indian sweets like motichoor laddu (golden sweet spheres), kheer dam (creamy spiced rice pudding), and mishti doi (cardamom-infused sweetened yogurt).

Amazingly, this spot is making waves in Mumbai (Juhu and Andheri) and even has a sweet spot in Dubai, chillin’ close to Lamcy Plaza in Oud Metha. 

It’s also public transport-friendly, has abundant parking, and even satisfies your sweet cravings with online orders through its website and Talabat.

But it’s not just about the sweets. They’re dishing out savory delights too, from chole bhature (fluffy fried bread with spicy chickpea curry) to cheese masala dosa (thin rice crepe with spiced potato and melted cheese). And yes, samosas are in the mix too!

Now, let’s talk sweets. Shree Gangour boasts a lineup of over 100 types, ranging from traditional to modern, dry to juicy, featuring milk, khoya (rich, condensed milk solids), besan (chickpea flour), sooji (semolina or fine wheat), coconut, and dry fruits. 

And for health-conscious folks, they’ve got you covered with sugar-free and low-fat options, including cool treats like chocolate barfi (fudgy cocoa bliss), mango kalakand (velvety mango-infused delight), and kesar peda (saffron-kissed bites).

For the price, it’s friendly competition. Sweets go from AED 4 to AED 12 a pop, snacks range from AED 8 to AED 25 a plate, and if you’re into combo meals and thalis, they’re yours for AED 30 to AED 40.

Pro tip:
Consider grabbing a free dinner box for a blue-collar worker in need. Shree Gangour gives these away daily as part of their charity initiative, spreading love and looking out for those who could use a helping hand.

Sweet Indulgence House of Cakes

Address: Al Karama – Dubai

Phone: +971 800 79338

Pricing: $$


Say hello to The Sweet Indulgence House of Cakes, a standout sweet spot in Dubai, specializing in baking delicious cakes and desserts since 2010.

They’re known for bringing the original flavors from the Philippines, offering a taste of home to the Filipino community in Dubai.

You can catch them in Al Nahda’s Platinum Business Center on Baghdad Street or Al Karama’s Al Shaya Building behind the Park Regis Hotel. They’re easy to reach by bus, metro, or car, so parking is a breeze.

They’re also the go-to for Filipino cake magic. Picture pandan cake and Sylvanas (crunchy meringue cookies filled with buttercream and coated with cashew or cracker crumbs)—you get the drift.

But for us, the real VIPs are the ube cake (purple yam with cream cheese frosting) and Sans Rival (layered goodness with buttercream, cashew nuts, and meringue).

They throw in international stars, too, like blueberry cheesecake, red velvet cake, and moist chocolate cake.

It’s not just cakes, though. They’ve got your sweet tooth covered with cupcakes, pastries, cookies, brownies, bars, pies, and tarts. Vegans and sugar-watchers, they’ve also got your back with sugar-free and gluten-free options!

Depending on the size and type, prices for cakes and desserts won’t break the bank, ranging from AED 10 to AED 200. Expect discounts and promotions if you’re a regular or celebrating a particular day.

What’s more, just spend past AED 100, and they’ll drop your goodies at your doorstep for free!

Pro tip:
Want to get a free cake? Score a complimentary slice of ube cake at Sweet Indulgence House of Cakes when you order at least AED 100 worth of cakes or pastries from their online store.


Address: Al Quoz, Dubai

Phone: +971 4 399 7371

Pricing: $$


SugarMoo is Dubai’s sweet delivery sensation! They’ve got it all: cakes, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, brownies, and more, all uniquely delicious.

Ordering here seems like a piece of cake (pun intended)! Just hop on their website or use the app, and your dessert will be at your doorstep in under 60 minutes.

If you need a special cake for an occasion, SugarMoo’s got your back too—birthdays, weddings, baby showers, you name it.

This shop is known for its wild creations like the Cupookie (cupcake and cookie) and the Lotus n’ Honey Delight (honey cake with lotus cream and caramel sauce).

But that’s not all—cakes, cheesecakes, truffles, jars, and vegan desserts make the menu pop. Hot sellers? Red Velvet Crunch Cake with Oreo, Lotus n’ Honey Delight, and Mocha Choca CheeseCake.

Prices vary here, but you’re looking at AED 190 to AED 300 for a 6-inch cake and AED 150 for a dozen cupcakes. Despite the variety, they stick to the good stuff—high-quality, fresh ingredients crafted daily in their labs.

But what makes SugarMoo tick for us? Originality. They pull inspiration from cuisines and cultures worldwide, throwing in flavors like saffron, pistachio, lotus, honey, and Nutella.

For special dietary needs? No problem. They roll out gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options to make everyone happy.

Pro tip:
Create your cake at Sugarmoo by picking the size, shape, flavor, filling, frosting, and toppings—it’s all customizable! They also offer special occasion menus for events like New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Eid.

Kamat Shireen

Address: Al Mankhool, Dubai

Phone: +97143519006

Pricing: $$


Kamat Shireen is a famous Indian sweet shop in Dubai, known for its wide range of over 300 vegetarian delicacies. It offers a variety of Indian sweets, snacks, and desserts, including handmade candies and chocolates.

It’s the household name for Indian sweets, rocking classics like kaju katli (cashew diamond delight), motichoor laddoo (golden cardamom spheres), rasgulla (spongy cheese dumplings), and gulab jamun (rose-infused milk dumplings). 

Plus, it offers signature goodies like kala jamun (dark and rich syrup-soaked delights), crispy jalebi (golden swirls of crunchy sweetness), gulkand (rose-infused) ice cream, and fancy dry fruit treats.

The menu’s a flavor fiesta with over 100 types, catering to traditional lovers, fusion fanatics, and everyone. 

And it’s not just sweets; they’re throwing samosas (spiced pastry pockets), kachoris (flaky dumplings), dhoklas (steamed spongers), chaats (tangy medley), kulfis (creamy sticks), faloodas (dessert drink), and halwas (rich confections) into the mix.

With prices ranging from AED 65/kg for bare sweets to AED 95/kg for mixed wonders, we think Kamat Shireen has you covered in terms of value for money.

Why are they the real deal? Skilled chefs craft sweets using pure ghee (butter from buffalo’s or cow’s milk), milk, and natural flavors.  

No artificial colors or preservatives are used. They’re also all about food safety and hygiene, bagging awards, and certifications.

Pro tip:
If you’re a cheese lover, why not give Kamat Shireen’s cheese dosa a shot? 
It’s a crispy crepe filled with cheese and comes with coconut chutney and sambar. This is also one of their standout dishes and a beloved choice among customers.

Brownie Point Cakes & Confectioners

Address: Al Karama, Al Barsha, Al Rigga, Al Nahda, Al Quoz, Dubai Silicon Oasis

Phone: +971 4 223 3433

Pricing: $$


Brownie Point Cakes & Confectioners is the sweet spot in Dubai everyone’s talking about. Known for their mouthwatering treats, they’ve got it all—desserts, whole cakes, brownies, custom cakes, cupcakes, and more. 

These guys are all about heavenly brownies. Seriously, they whip up fresh batches every few hours! And let’s talk cakes—they’re like edible masterpieces with flavors like chocolate, red velvet, carrot, and cheesecake.

But it’s not just brownies and cakes. Their menu is a parade of yum—pastries, mousses, desserts, muffins—you name it, they’ve baked it.

And guess what? They’re on board with different diets, offering eggless and sugar-free goodies for everyone in the flavor game.

Now, they get that life’s not all about splurging, so they keep it real with prices ranging from AED 10 to 300. Special occasions? That’s when the real party starts—discounts and offers for days.

Pro tip:
Planning a surprise for a loved one? Brownie Point Cakes & Confectioner has you covered with their special touch—edible picture cakes! 
For just an extra AED 50, you can add a personal touch to any of their classic cake prices and make the celebration much sweeter.

Billo Ice Cream

Address: Al Qusais, Dubai

Phone: +971 58 946 4129

Pricing: $$


Billo Ice Cream is a famous sweet shop in Dubai, known for its authentic Pakistani street food and desserts. It offers a variety of ice creams, shakes, faloodas (rose-infused dessert drinks), and kulfis (frozen ice cream).

This establishment is cooking up the true-blue taste of Pakistani ice cream right here in Dubai. Why “Billo”? Well, that’s Bilal’s nickname, and it means “beautiful” in Urdu. Talk about sweet beginnings!

Sprouting 3 cool spots on Damascus Road near Dubai Abattoir, France Cluster International City, and Al Nahda 22, we think Billo’s got accessibility nailed.

Now, let’s talk treats. Billo’s crown jewel is the legendary kulfi falooda, a Pakistani masterpiece made with frozen milk, vermicelli, rose syrup, and a sprinkle of nuts.

But there’s more! Think pistachio, mango, chocolate, and coconut ice cream flavors that’ll make your taste buds dance happily.

Plus, they’ve got a lineup of savory delights like gol gappay (crispy-fried puffed ball), samosas (spiced pastry pockets), bun kabab (burger in a bun), and chaat (tangy street snack)—perfect for a snack fiesta with your pals.

After the main course, there will be typical Pakistani desserts such as ras malai (spongy cheese delight), jalebi (crispy orange spirals), halwa (sweet confection with ghee), kheer (creamy rice pudding), and gajar ka halwa (carrot sweet delight). 

If you’re thirsty, they have milkshakes, lassi, and tea to wash it down. And guess what? They’re not breaking the bank. Ice cream scoops start at 10 AED, kulfi falooda is an astonishing 15 AED, and the snack and sweet gang range from 5 to 20 AED.

Here’s the scoop on Billo’s secret—there’s no artificially funny business here. Pure milk, cream, and fruits go into that ice cream, and the snacks and sweets? They stick to traditional recipes and methods!

Pro tip:
Unsure about trying out rose-flavored anything? Start with Billo Ice Cream’s eshta malabi, a smooth milk pudding with rosewater hints and a generous pistachio topping. 
For us, it’s a refreshing taste of authentic Dubai often overlooked by tourists, thanks to its subtle rose essence and local-favorite pistachio crunch.