Best Places for Family to Visit Free in Dubai

We Spent NOTHING: Places to Visit in Dubai with Family for Free

Warning: If your bank account‘s loaded right now, there might be a better blog for you out there. But if you specifically searched for this, you sure have a funny way of shaking things up.

Now back to my real target: do you ever wander around Dubai and feel like everything’s so darn expensive? Don’t worry. Lots of travelers (and even locals) do.

Sometimes, you just want to treat your family without burning a hole in your pocket—we feel you! While going out without spending anything feels impossible, don’t lose hope. My family and I have compiled a long list of free activities you can hit up below!

Where can you go in Dubai for free?

The Dubai Fountain 

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Address: Burj Khalifa – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: +971 4 888 8888

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 1 PM to 1:30 PM, 6 PM to 11 PM (every 30 minutes)

The Dubai Fountain is the tallest performing fountain in the world—that you can also view for free! Located on Burj Lake by Dubai Mall, it shoots a whopping 22,000 gallons of water up to 140 meters, all synced with music and lights.

Perfect for families, we believe this dirham-free show is a must-see. Just find a spot around the lake, relax, and enjoy the dazzling display. 

Dubai Mall Aquarium 

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Address: Dubai Mall – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: +971 800 382246255, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Friday – 10 AM to 10:15 PM
  • Saturday to Sunday – 910 AM to 11:15 PM


The Dubai Mall features the amazing Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. You can take the kids here to watch sharks, rays, and tons of fish glide by the huge glass wall for free.

Sure, we think the aquarium lighting can be a tad dim, and spotting the fish can be tricky. For this, we suggest using flash for photos or scouting out a better angle before snapping away.

Dubai Dino

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Address: Dubai Mall – 57WH+QRV – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: +971 800 382246255, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: 

  • Open 24 hours

Dubai Dino features a mammoth 155-million-year-old dino skeleton, standing 7.6 meters tall and 24.4 meters long. It’s a free, family-friendly attraction, offering a chance to learn about the awesome dinosaurs. 

This also offers a free, educational experience for all ages, perfect for family outings. We think it’s rare to encounter a Jurassic-era creature up close, so let the kids’ imagination run wild and get them to see the dinos here at least once!

Nad Al Sheba Cycle Park

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Address: 573J+P3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: +971 52 845 5628, [email protected] 

Bike Availability: 

  • Friday to Sunday – 4 PM to 9 PM

The Nad Al Sheba Cycle Park is like a biker’s paradise, offering killer city views in a chill setting. It used to be a camel racecourse, but now it’s got all these safety bells and whistles, like guiding lights, making it perfect for families on a tight budget.

We like that there are cycling routes for all levels and even a special track for the little ones. No bike? No problem! Just swing by Loop nearby, snag a rental, and fuel up with snacks or coffee before you start pedaling.

Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project

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Address: Jumeirah Al Naseem – 45PP+JF5 – Umm Suqeim – Umm Suqeim 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: +971 4 301 7198, [email protected], [email protected]  

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Friday – 1 PM to 5 PM
  • Saturday to Sunday – 11 AM to 5 PM


Do you love turtles? The Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project is like a turtle spa, giving injured critters some TLC while teaching us about marine life struggles. 

Want to feed the turtles? We say join the weekly feeding frenzy at Turtle Island (the schedule varies) for a hands-on experience! For us, this is the perfect outing activity for thrifty, animal-loving families.

Dubai Garden Center

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Address: 739 Sheikh Zayed Rd – next to Lexus Showroom – Al Quoz – Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: +971 4 590 4333, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 8 AM to 10 PM


Dubai Garden Centre is a green wonderland for families. You can purchase plants, garden gear, and custom-made furniture while your kids get carried away admiring the flowers. 

And when hunger strikes, just swing by Harvest & Co., the in-house spot, for some fresh bites like avocado toast, scrambled eggs, and Milo chocolate porridge.

Mushrif Park

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Address: 6C7X+M7M – Al Khawaneej St – Mushrif – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: +971 4 288 3624, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: 

  • Sunday to Wednesday – 8 AM to 10 PM
  • Thursday to Saturday – 8 AM to 11 PM

Mushrif Park is Dubai’s free nature-packed gem. You can wander through lush greenery, spy on colorful birds, and soak up the relaxing vibes under the Ghaf trees (the drought-tolerant kind). 

We feel the thrill-seekers are in for a treat here too. They can go to Aventura’s exciting ziplines and obstacle courses. As for the little ones, we appreciate that there are lots of play areas, horseback riding, and even train rides to keep them smiling as well.

PoshPaws Kennels and Cattery

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Address: Warehouse 2 and 3 Street 37, Dubai Investment Park 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: +971 50 273 0973, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 8 AM to 6 PM


Dubai’s PoshPaws Kennels and Cattery is a haven for pet parents. It’s totally free, so you can expect loads of cuddles with furry friends donated by kind souls. 

We reckon the vibe is super chill too, with animals roaming freely for some quality petting time. Plus, we find it adorable that there are pony rides for the kids and goat feeding for extra fun. Even as an adult, who wouldn’t want to see that?

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

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Address: Baniyas 20 – Baniyas Road – Deira – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: +971 800 900, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: 

  • Winter (October to March) – 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Summer (April to September) – 6 AM to 6 PM


If anyone in your family is a bird enthusiast, Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is a city escape filled with them: Flamingos, herons, and egrets steal the show, especially in winter.

We recommend checking out the 3 bird hides along the sanctuary’s edge for a close-up view. Although, we think it’s best to do so without bothering the birds that much.

Heritage Village

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Address: Al Shindagha Historic District – 3110233 – Al Khaleej St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: +971 58 124 4214, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 8 PM

Heritage Village echoes the emirate’s rich past. We appreciate the vibe of traditional mud houses here—it’s like traveling in time! For us, it’s never too early to let the kids learn some history. 

You can explore Dubai’s pearl diving legacy and watch as the artisans craft intricate jewelry and pottery. We find it a great cultural dive, giving a peek into the city’s roots while keeping it entertaining (and free!).

The Old Library

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Address: Gold & Diamond Park – Building 7 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: +971 4 321 3939, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Saturday – 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Sunday – 12 PM to 4 PM


The Old Library is a book lover’s dream in Dubai. Packed with over 25,000 books, it’s got something for everyone, even the kiddos just starting to read.

We love that the library throws weekly storytime shindigs too. Your child can soak up stories and get hands-on with activities. Plus, it’s budget-friendly thanks to the awesome volunteers who keep things running smoothly. 

Marina Walk

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Address: Dubai Marina Walk – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Operating Hours: 

  • Open 24 hours


Dubai Marina Walk is a bustling spot by the water, great for families saving up. Towering skyscrapers set the scene for this 7 km stretch, packed with dining, shopping, and fun activities.

Adjacent to it, Dubai Marina Mall is a shopaholic’s paradise, loaded with trendy brands like Adidas and Aldo. With everything from fashion to home decor, we believe there’s something to catch everyone’s eye. 

Vox Cinemas

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Address: Mall of Emirates – Level 2 – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: +971 600 599905, [email protected] 


Vox Cinemas isn’t just about movies in Dubai—it’s a budget-friendly blast too! Thanks to Du Tuesday Deals, you can buy one ticket and bam! The second’s free! 

And with a range of flicks on offer, there’s something for everyone. We also recommend checking their website for available discounts, especially for credit card users.

Dubai Camel Racing Club

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Address: Dubai – Al Ain Road, Al Marmoom – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: +971 4 718 8888

Operating Hours:

  • Between October and April – Friday to Saturday – 6 AM to 9 AM

Dubai’s Camel Racing Club is where tradition meets excitement. Just a quick drive from the city, we love that families can get a front-row seat to the action! 

And before the races kick off, you can even mingle with the camels for some memorable photos. Just make sure to stay calm and follow the staff’s guidelines so no one pisses off the camels (though unlikely). Safety first!

Pyramids Rooftop Gardens

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Address: Wafi City – Pyramids Wafi – Sheikh Rashid Road – Oud Metha District – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: +971 4 324 4100

Operating Hours:

  • Friday to Wednesday – 5 AM to 1 AM
  • Thursday – 5 AM to 2 AM

Pyramids Rooftop Gardens at Wafi Mall is the spot for an awesome outdoor movie night with your crew. You can just dive into those massive beanbags and chill out.

Imagine the clear skies, cozy beanbags, and your go-to movie flickering under the stars—all on the house! That’s why we think this rooftop hangout is a hit with Dubai families. It’s a tradition everyone can get behind, no matter how old you are.

Al Seef

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Contact Details: 800-738245 (800 RETAIL), [email protected] 

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday – 10 AM to 10 PM
  • Friday to Sunday – 10 AM to 11 PM


Al Seef is like stepping into a time capsule in Dubai, blending old-world vibes with modern flair. This looks perfect for families—a cool spot to wander with shops offering everything from local crafts to trendy gear.

But it’s not just about shopping here. You can relax at boutique hotels and catch live gigs at the events plaza. And hey, while the kids groove to the tunes, you can also soak up some history, tracing Dubai’s roots along the charming marina.

Al Qudra Lakes

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Address: Madinat Latifa – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: 800 900, +971 4 221 5555

Operating Hours:

  • Open 24 hours


Al Qudra Lakes is a beautiful desert oasis, just a quick drive from the city. These lakes are wonderful for a serene picnic. You may also spot some wildlife, like flamingos and desert foxes, and catch a stunning sunset over the skyline.

You can visit anytime, but we reckon the cooler months from October to March are tops. Mornings are also prime time for the animals, so we say it’s worth setting that alarm and getting up early for the trip.

Pottery Barn Kids

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Address: The Dubai Mall – Lower Ground Floor – Financial Center Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: +971 800 802

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday – 10 AM to 11 PM
  • Friday to Sunday – 10 AM to 12 AM


Dubai Mall isn’t just about shopping. It’s a blast for kids too! Pottery Barn Kids is on the ground floor for wooden cranes and dino adventures galore!

Parents can also chill as the little ones try out the toys. Just remember to give them a gentle reminder to handle things with care. After all, we want all the fun without any oopsies!