The Best Home Office Essentials For Your Work at Home Setup

The Best Home Office Essentials For Your Work at Home Setup

Separate working space at home can provide more productivity than simply doing your tasks on a bed or a couch. After all, if you’re too comfortable, you can easily fall asleep or get distracted. 

For a work at home setup, it’s important to create an area that isolates you from the cozy vibes of your home. This is to bring you to a more focused state where you can finish work easily. 

Here are our recommended essential items or factors to consider for your work at home setup! 


Basically, the kind of office furniture you would want is a good desk or table and a chair. But here are our very specific recommendations. 

For a desk, you would like it to be wide enough to hold all of your equipment necessary for work. It should also have space where you can move around in or do other tasks away from all the items on your desk. 

That said, we recommend getting a standing adjustable desk. Why is that, you might ask? 

Put simply, these desks force you to stand as you slave through the day. According to medical experts, having a standable desk can also reduce the risk of weight gain.

It can also make you feel less lethargic or sleepy as the day passes by. If you get too uncomfortable standing for long periods of time, you can easily adjust the table to a height that can let you work while sitting down.

Speaking of sitting down, another recommended essential item for your office is well, a chair (row 250 — office chairs – Dubai). An ergonomic chair to be exact. 

These are specifically designed to avoid pain in your back (row 974– how to lower back pain in the office – Dubai). It can also address areas of weakness and pain in the body by giving more support. 

Since we sit for long periods of time, these chairs are perfect for back support, especially if you have bad posture. Note that there are different designs for this type of furniture. 

We recommend knowing what type and design would be best for you and your body. 

Computer or Laptop

Of course, working at home requires you to send and finish tasks online. You would need a computer for that, right?

Getting the right kind of computer would be dependent on what your job is. It would also depend on what you actually want in a computer. 

Are you a video editor, graphic artist, or someone who needs a high-specced unit that can process images and other files really well and fast without breaking your computer?

Well, you might need either a gaming laptop or a desktop computer with the right specs for that! 

On the other hand, if you are more on the basic office work side of things, you might just need the standard, basic laptop or PC. These are usually cheaper since they usually lack the specific high-tech components needed for processing specific types of data.

Another factor you might want to consider is portability. Getting a desktop computer around your home needs the right kind of attention and effort put into it.

This is because a desktop setup usually involves a lot of heavy and delicate machinery. Moving it around in your house (row 1036 – tips for moving heavy furniture – Dubai)  would be a hassle. 

If your priority is portability, then we recommend getting a laptop instead. We recommend scouting various stores to find the right device for you!


Last, but certainly not the least – an internet connection. How would you actually communicate with your boss and other workmates during the day? 

We advise getting a high-speed internet provider to make sure you’re getting the right Mbps during work. This is because working online requires more data compared to the regular daily browsing or shopping online.

Getting more data requires a faster internet connection as well, so make sure to look at the options your provider can give you! 

Your home office doesn’t need to have the most expensive equipment in the world. It just has to have everything you would need for your tasks. 

If you’d want to avoid getting overwhelmed with all the options for your work-at-home setup, remember this: basics first, decor later. Sometimes, an office would work with a simple table, chair, and a working computer. 

We hope our recommendations helped you a bit in your quest for building the right working environment in the comfort of your own home! 

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