Best Haunted Places in Dubai

Uncovering the Most Haunted Places in Dubai

Did you know that the supernatural is called jinn in Arabic? Although Dubai might not be the first to mind when you think about a good scare, there are many places in and around the city for that.

And we’re not talking about haunted houses or halloween celebrations here. These are real places where people had hair-raising experiences during their visit. 

Ready to get your heart pumping and body shaking? This list is not for the faint-hearted, we warn you.

Al Qassimi Palace


Address: Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum Road – Al Dhait North – Ras Al Khaimah – United Arab Emirates

Contact details: +971 52 828 2222

Operating hours:

  • 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily


  • AED 75 per person
  • AED 50 per person for groups

A 30-minute drive from the city center will take you to one of the most haunted places in Dubai, the Al Qassimi Palace in Al Dhaith North.

From the outside, the palace is everything you’d expect one to be – it’s grand, massive and of course, extravagant in every sense of the word. 

But once you hear the stories surrounding this palatial residence, your perspective will completely change.

Al Qassimi Palace was built in 1985 by the late Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Humaid Al Qasimi, and he spared no expense in making his dream residence come true.

This four-storey residence has 35 intricately designed rooms and cost around AED 500 million to build. Aside from the building, the property also has an expansive yard enclosed like a fortress.

The palace is furnished with gigantic murals from artists around the world, expensive crystal chandeliers from Europe, luxurious marble floors and the best furniture you can find.

But what will catch your attention are the 12 astrological signs that decorate the palace walls as well as the owner’s collection of animal murals, paintings, artefacts and marble statues all around the subject of fiction.

So, after years of building this extravagant home, why did it become abandoned? According to local tales the late Sheikh and his wife only stayed in this home for one night and moved out the next day.

Even if this was their dream home, the couple is said to have been scared by their paranormal experiences during their short stay.

But it wasn’t just the owners who had a terrifying experience in the palace since some trespassers also reported seeing children crying from the broken glass windows asking for help.

It was only a few years ago when the palace was opened as a tourist attraction to those curious to see what’s inside of this massive residence.

But don’t be surprised if you won’t find any photos of the palace’s interiors because photography is strictly prohibited inside.

Pro tip:
While you’re in Ras Al Kaimah, make sure to stop by the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative Listed Dhayah Fort.

Al Jazeera Al Hamra


Address: Ras al Khaimah – United Arab Emirates

Operating hours:

  • 24 hours daily


  • Free

Al Jazeera Al Hamra is as beautiful as it is scary. Although it has gained a reputation for being a haunted place in Dubai, it’s also the only historical pearling village in existence in the entire Gulf region.

And we all know that pearls have played a pivotal role in Dubai’s growth over the years because it’s been the main source of livelihood for Emiratis before oil was discovered.

Unfortunately, other pearling villages in the country were destroyed when the economy shifted to oil. But Al Jazeera Al Hamra was left standing as a reminder of the UAE’s pearling past.

And this isn’t your typical village because the name itself translates to “red island” because Al Jazeera Al Hamra used to be its own little island.

Al Jazeera Al Hamra is a complete neighborhood. It has its own fortress to defend the village, different types of houses, several mosques and even a small souq or market.

Although it’s been left in its original condition and experienced wear and tear over the years, the remnants of this village is still stunning as it is – well, that’s until you hear the horror stories.

At the back of all that rich history is a village that’s now called a ghost town not only because it’s abandoned, but also because of the scary stories that visitors have shared over the years.

Since the village has been left by its inhabitants in the late 60s, many stories have come about how Al Jazeera Al Hamra has different paranormal activities.

In fact, walking around the village gives you that uncomfortable eerie feeling that you get with structures believed to be inhabited by the supernatural.

For those who are brave enough, a visit at night is a must because it’s where you’ll experience how scary this place can be.

Pro tip:
Although Al Jazeerah Al Hamra is open day and night, locals recommend visiting during the day when you can see the ruins clearly for safety reasons.
But if you really want to explore the village at night, make sure to bring a light and go with a local guide.

Al Khail Gate



Address: Al Quoz – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 

Contact details: 056 350 3402

Operating hours:

  • 24 hours daily


  • Free

Al Khail Gate is one of Dubai’s most vibrant residential communities composed of thousands of apartments. So, it would be hard to believe that it’s also a haunted place in Dubai.

Located in Al Quoz, Al Khail Gate is a popular residential option for many people because it has beautiful flats and studios, has amazing amenities, is accessible to the city center and of course, budget-friendly.

This community is also so massive that Phase 1 is composed of 49 buildings and 3,835 flats while Phase 2 is composed of 33 buildings with 5,664 units.

It’s also the residential headquarters of many business workers including the flight crew of the Emirates airlines.

But at the back of all these stunning features is the mystery at building No.33 also known as the scary apartment of Al Khail Gate.

From the outside, you’ll instantly see that this building has been abandoned. Discarded cardboard, trash and damage are all visible around the building.

But the real question is: why did a beautiful apartment in such a promising location end up being abandoned?

According to residents, building No.33 used to be occupied by the service crew of the McDonalds fast food chain in Dubai. 

However, these people had since been moved to another building in the area, and it’s mainly because of the ghost experiences that residents have experienced over the years.

One of the neighbors said that the McDonald’s crew had experienced their things suddenly disappearing and then showing up somewhere later. 

We mean, how frustrating can it be when you realize that your toothbrush, comb or even socks just went MIA all of a sudden?

The leasing company’s supervisor has denied these claims and said that the building has been abandoned because it had a lot of issues that needed to be fixed for the comfort of tenants.

He said that it wasn’t ghosts that made life difficult for residents but the countless problems that they blamed on the contractor. 

From water leaking to poor maintenance, they said that the building needed a complete renovation.

This didn’t stop the thrill seekers from exploring Building No.33, however. In fact, it’s now one of the most popular haunted places in Dubai.

Pro tip:
While you’re in Khail Gate, don’t just visit the famous scary apartment. You should also explore tehr est of this massive residential complex and all its amenities.

Jumeirah’s House of the Devil

Jumeirah's House of the Devil

Address: Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Operating hours:

  • 24 hours daily


  • Free

When you think about Jumeirah, the house of the devil doesn’t always come to mind. But in ths middle of this sprawling community is a house that’s one of the most haunted places in Dubai.

Building No.4 is located right in the heart of Jumeirah. It’s a seven-bedroom residential complex that was last occupied by Filipinos in 2011.

But it didn’t take them long to move out and find another residence because of their paranormal experience living in the building.

Some of these tenants said that they’ve seen ghosts around the building while others claim that they’ve witnessed paranormal activities almost every day.

Locals would even warn you that visiting the building is a risk since it has negative energy that might possess you once you enter it.

Pro tip:
Keep in mind that the building is private property. So, it’s very important to visit only if you have permission from the building owners.