Best Dog Parks in Dubai

Fur-Tastic Finds: We Sniffed out the Best Dog Parks in Dubai

On a sunny day in Dubai, our family dog Choco whimpered, pleading for an outdoor adventure. Suddenly, his irresistible puppy dog eyes inspired a mission: to discover the ultimate dog haven in the city.

But navigating this concrete jungle for Choco’s play spot? Not such a walk in the park. Pun intended. We’ve scoured the web, grilled other pet parents, and deciphered cryptic online reviews in search of the perfect park.

After so many adventures and even a few wrong turns into cat territory (oops, wrong species), we’ve found the premier dog parks in Dubai. If you want to fetch some fun with your pet, get ready for some tail-wagging fun below!

Where can I find a dog-friendly Dubai park?

BarkPark Dubai

Media from barkparkdubai 


Address: Al Awir Box 930993 – Dubai

Contact Details: 050 625 2422, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: 

  • Tuesday to Friday – 7 AM to 9:30 AM, 4 PM to 8 PM
  • Saturday to Sunday – 7 AM to 8 PM
  • Monday – Closed


  • First dog – AED 75
  • Each family dog after – AED 50


Bark Park Dubai is a classic off-leash spot for your furry pals. Split into small and large areas, it’s a pup paradise with plenty of room to roam. But we think the cherry on top is the two ponds, perfect for doggy paddling sessions, adding extra fun to the mix.

Safety first! We love that the park’s fully fenced, letting the dogs play worry-free. And with CCTV keeping watch, we can relax knowing our pups are in good hands. 

Feeling hot under the sun? There’s even a pool for water-loving pups to channel their inner dolphins! While your pups play, we recommend grabbing a snack from the on-site store and joining in the fun. 

My Second Home

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Address: Plot No. 597-631, Street 29, Dubai Investment Park – 2 – Dubai

Contact Details: 04 881 8002, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 8 AM to 8 PM


  • Boarding for regular members – From AED 165 
  • Daycare: Full day of attended play for 1 regular-member pet – AED 110


My Second Home boasts the world’s largest indoor dog park (also a resort and spa) with a whopping 60,000 square feet, inviting your furry pals to romp and mingle in such a spacious area. 

With both indoor and outdoor areas, we reckon it can cater to all canine personalities, whether they’re bounding about or taking it easy. We also believe the off-leash policy ensures lots of freedom for our four-legged friends.

Plus, we like that the pups can stay cool and pampered with the playful interactions and invigorating swimming pools here.

Sustainable City Dog Park

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Address: Dubai – Al Qudra Road – Dubai

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 6 AM to 10 PM


  • Annual Membership – AED 600 per dog

The Sustainable City Dog Park is a cozy retreat for both pooches and their “hoomans” in Dubai. With a thousand square meters to explore, it offers relaxation and fun for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Furry friends can frolic freely, making new buddies while owners kick back and relax. We’re also stoked about the shaded spots giving off protection from the sun, as well as the nearby eateries making grabbing a bite or cup of Joe a breeze.

The Greens Dog Park

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Address: 35RG+C7C – The Greens – Dubai

Operating Hours: 

  • Sunday to Friday – 7 AM to 10 PM
  • Saturday – Open 24 hours


  • Free entry

Freshly revamped and securely enclosed, The Greens Dog Park makes itself a worry-free zone for your furry friend to frolic and make new buddies in the city.

We’re thrilled that the park is all about wide green lawns, a sandy play area, and spots where your dog can roam leash-free. 

While your pup explores, you can chill in shady spots or kick back on benches. We like that there are plenty of things you can do to entertain yourself, from lively fetch games to lazy walks or just basking in the sun.

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) Dog Park

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Address: Falcon Tower – Jumeirah Lake Towers – Dubai

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 6 AM to 11 PM


  • Free entry

Tucked away in Jumeirah Lake Towers, the JLT Dog Park is a chill spot for a dog-friendly adventure in Dubai. With a bunch of greenery and sandy spots to frolic in, we say it’s a pretty haven for dogs.

Besides the scenic views, we appreciate that there are water fountains and shady hangouts to keep everyone cool. We love that safety is also a priority with the park’s double-gate setup, so your furry buddy can’t pull a Houdini.

What’s more, the park’s got poop bags on deck and a strict tidy-up policy, so you can enjoy a pristine play sesh. Moreover, we absolutely adore the castle contests, tunnel zoomies, and mini obstacle courses for those pups with a spring in their step. 

Dog Park Springs 8

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Address: 355Q+RRC – Unnamed Road – Dubai

Operating Hours:

  • Open 24 hours

Dog Park Springs 8 is a lovely area for pooches and their human pals. Because it’s got lots of greenery and mud pits, we believe the space is perfect for pups to have a carefree day.

Here, off-leash freedom lets furry friends roam under their owners’ watchful eyes. And as the park is equipped with swings, we say it looks great for kids too!

Despite its snug size, the park is bustling, drawing dog lovers from all around the Springs area. Even with occasional crowds, its round-the-clock access guarantees non-stop fun for all visitors.

Dog Park Damac Hills

Media from damachillscommunity 

Address: 2774+25P – Unnamed Road – Dubai – DAMAC Hills – Dubai

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 6 AM to 10 PM


  • Free entry

At Damac Hills Dog Park, pups of all sizes, whether local or visiting, have their own slice of heaven. Divided into areas for small and larger dogs, it’s a safe and tailored playground for every happy tail in Dubai!

What we like most about this park is that it provides agility courses to keep pups mentally sharp and physically active. Whether they’re sprinters or jumpers, there’s something to keep their tails wagging! 

With plenty of space to roam, including 4,000 square feet of parkland, we reckon there’s no shortage of adventure here.

South Ridge Park

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Address: 57PG+XXF – Downtown Dubai – South Ridge – Dubai

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 6 AM to 11 PM
  • Saturday – 12 AM to 2:30 AM, 6 AM to 11:30 PM

South Ridge Park offers a peaceful getaway amid the urban hustle. Divided into two lush areas—one for pups and the other for humans—it’s a relaxing spot for pet parents to unwind outdoors.

The park gives off-leash freedom, giving fur babies extra wiggle room to frolic and explore. From leisurely walks to playful fetch sessions or just basking in the sun, there’s plenty to keep your furry friend entertained! 

We think it’s also a prime spot for snapping Insta-worthy pics with the majestic Burj Khalifa backdrop! You could also let your pooch run around as you take some adorable photos and videos. 

Burj Park by Emaar

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Address: Burj Khalifa Park by Emaar – du – Virgin Dubai Mall – Dubai Downtown Dubai

Contact Details: +971 4 888 8888


  • Free entry


Burj Park by Emaar offers a serene escape from the city buzz. With its close proximity to iconic landmarks like the Dubai Fountain and Dubai Opera, we say it’s great for a leisurely stroll or unwinding in the evening.

Although pets can’t romp on the grass, we feel you and your furry pal can still enjoy the vibe. You may catch spontaneous fountain shows and bask in the park’s magical atmosphere after dark. 

We’re also happy that there are plenty of walkways, bridges, and waterfront views, making it a hotspot for exercise and relaxation. And with public restrooms and waste bins on hand, your visit would be hassle-free, in our opinion.

Dubai Hills Park by Emaar

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Address: Dubai Hills Estate – Dubai

Contact Details: 04 567 2030

Operating Hours: 

  • Open 24 hours


  • Locals – From AED 55
  • Visitors – From AED 85

Dubai Hills Park by Emaar is made for both kids and pets. Want to burn some extra calories? The park offers a designated off-leash area for furry friends to play if you want to get active and jog on the nearby track.

With playgrounds featuring mini zip lines and spacious fields for endless frolicking, this park caters to big and small families. For us, the clean, air-conditioned bathrooms add to the comfort of your visit as well.

Most of all, we adore that this newly developed park promises a lush escape with 24/7 access. There’s plenty of parking too, making it highly convenient for a day out. 

Al Ittihad Park

Media from thefriendlydogdubai 

Address: Palm Jumeirah – Dubai

Contact Details: 04 390 3333

Operating Hours: 

  • Open 24 hours

Al Ittihad Park is a paradise for pet lovers and outdoor buffs. Stretching across 70,000 square meters, this site is a green oasis where furry pals are more than welcome to join the fun.

With a 3-km running track, it’s the place to be for fitness junkies looking to sweat it out amid nature’s embrace—we’re in awe that it features over 60 tree species!

We find the dog poop stations real handy too, making it easier to spend the day with your four-legged buddies. Though dogs must stay leashed, the vibe here seems chill, inviting everyone to kick back and soak up the scenic vibes.

Motor City Dog Park

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Address: 26VX+XP2 – Motor City – Up Town Motor City – Dubai

The Motor City Dog Park is a snug spot for adventurous pups (or those learning new tricks). Shaded by trees, this area is wonderful for some dog training sessions, though we feel it could use more benches. 

It’s fenced too, and it offers plenty of space for off-leash fun. We noticed that this place is usually pretty tidy. So don’t forget your poop bags to keep the park clean when you and your pup are ready to bounce.

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) Dog Park

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Address: sadaf 7 – Beach – The Walk – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai

Operating Hours: 

  • Monday to Sunday – 5 AM to 10 PM
  • Saturday – Open 24 hours

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) Dog Park in Sadaf is among the go-to spots in Dubai for owners wanting a safe place for their furry pals. It’s an enclosed area, so we believe you wouldn’t be stressed about your dogs wandering into traffic.

The best part for us is that this park is an off-leash haven. You can sip your coffee on one of the benches while your pet has a blast—it’s a great setup for both of you!