Top 5 Places in Dubai to Buy Property for Filipinos

Top 5 Places in Dubai to Buy Property for Filipinos

Filipinos make up more than 6.1% of the UAE’s total population and 21.3% of Dubai’s population. In fact, Dubai hosts the largest overseas Filipino community in the country by far.  

If you plan to move and settle in this city, we curated this list for you. Here are the top places in Dubai to buy property for Filipinos. 

Where do Filipino expats buy property in Dubai? 

According to the 2022 population statistics of Global Media Insight, over 560,000 Filipino expats have permanently settled down in the UAE. 

Most Pinoy expats buy property in the suburbs of Dubai. Localities included among Filipinos’ top choices for real estate here are Bur Dubai, International City, Al Nahda, Business Bay, and Dubai Marina. 

These spots are home to many Filipino communities, restaurants, markets, and stores. 

What do Filipino expats need to know before buying a property in Dubai? 

The government of Dubai passed laws in 2002 that allows foreign nationals and expats to buy properties in freehold areas in the city. 

Freehold areas are the designated zones where foreigners can acquire freehold ownership rights over properties for up to 99 years. 

Purchasing a property is a straightforward process for Filipino expats because they only need to have a valid passport. Remember that having a resident visa is not required in this process. 

Nonetheless, if you plan to buy a property in Dubai, the average costs of properties in such areas are as follows: 

Residential Property TypeAverage Cost
Apartment• 1-bedroom apartment – starts at AED 370,000

• 2-bedroom apartment – AED 580,000 to AED 4,000,000

• 3-bedroom apartment – AED 680,000 to AED 58,000,000

Duplex• starts at AED 545,000
Villas• starts at AED 1,700,000
Townhouse• 2-bedroom townhouse – starts at AED 1,100,000

• 3-bedroom townhouse – starts at AED1,500,000

• 4-bedroom townhouse – starts at AED 2,000,000

Note that the exact pricing for these properties can still depend on the precise location, size, condition, upfront service fees, and other specifications. 

That’s why we recommend you consult a real estate agent and lawyer before making the purchase. 

1. Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai

Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Property TypeAverage Costs
1-bedroom apartmentAED 1,333,722
2-bedroom apartmentAED 2,188,759
3-bedroom apartmentAED 4,184,774
Best for• people who commute daily

• families looking for diverse accommodation options

Pros• close to many public transportations

• offers multicultural locality

• features family-friendly services

Cons• busy streets and heavy traffic

• limited parking spots

Bur Dubai is one of Dubai’s oldest established districts. It features many historical and heritage sites, including Dubai Museum, Shiva Temple, Dubai Frame, and Al Fahidi Fort.

The district is in the middle of the city and has access to public transportation facilities like buses and the Bur Dubai Metro Station. 

When it comes to shopping and entertainment, Bur Dubai also has a sizable number of options for Filipinos. Just head out to BurJuman Mall and explore a range of traditional markets, international restaurants, and cafés.

If you’re missing the taste of Filipino cuisines, we recommend visiting Hot Palayok Restaurant and Grill, Susana Restaurant, Bulwagang, and Max’s Restaurant. These are hotspots for the Filipino community in the district.

What’s more, the area has family-friendly amenities and facilities, including dental clinics, salons, supermarkets, and hospitals. 

2. International City

International City

Source: Metropolitan Premium Properties

Property TypeAverage Costs
StudioAED 314,995
1-bedroom apartmentAED 330,000
2-bedroom apartmentAED 725,000
Best for• people looking for luxurious and budget-friendly properties
Pros• features country-specific districts

• has many regional stores and recreational facilities

• close to the Academic City

Cons• not accessible by Dubai Metro

• no traditional malls

• limited parking spots

International City is known for its country-specific architecture and cosmopolitan vibe. It features a range of residential properties, business establishments, and tourist spots. 

The residential area is divided into 10 country-specific districts. That’s why, if you want your house to have a stucco exterior finish, you can pick a property in the Spain District. 

Alternatively, if you want to be close to private parking areas, gyms, parks, and restaurants, you can opt for a house in the Central District. 

The starting rates for properties here can be a bit high, but if you just plan to rent an apartment, the annual rates are fairly affordable. 

For example, the average rental rate for a studio is AED 17,000, while a 1-bedroom apartment is around AED 25,000. 

Aside from luxurious properties, the convenience factor is the top reason why many Pinoys prefer to buy properties here. Apartments in International City usually feature community stores, pharmacies, and grocery shops at the ground level. 

3. Al Nahda 

Al Nahda

Source: Your Dubai Guide

Property TypeAverage Costs
StudioAED 245,000
1-bedroom apartmentAED 272,500
2-bedroom apartmentAED 635,000
Best for• people looking for affordable properties
Pros• easy to travel between Dubai and Sharjah

• has many malls, schools, shops, and eateries that cater to Filipinos

• has developed commercial spaces

Cons• streets are congested during peak hours

• quite far from popular attractions in Dubai

Al Nahda is set in eastern Dubai, along the borders of Dubai and Sharjah. It’s a popular residential area for Filipinos because it offers some of the most affordable property prices in the emirate. 

It’s also close to numerous communities and neighborhoods such as Al Qusais, Al Waheeda, Al Mamzar, Hor Al Anz East, Al Taawun, Industrial Area 8, and Al Qusais Industrial Area 3.

Furthermore, Al Nahda has various malls, schools, shops, hospitals, and eateries that cater to South Asian residents like Filipinos. 

The nearest public transportations in this neighborhood are the Al Nahda Metro Station, Stadium Metro Station, and the Shaik Rashid Colony-2. 

For Filipinos who don’t have the budget yet to buy a property, Al Nahda features a range of rental units. Room-sharing is also a convenient option because you can share the rental costs with the other Filipinos living in one property. 

4. Business Bay  

Business Bay

Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Property TypeAverage Costs
StudioAED 607,000
1-bedroom apartmentAED 956,000
2-bedroom apartmentAED 1,543,000
Best for• people looking to invest in a wide variety of properties

• people looking for businessmen and traders

Pros• close to Downtown Dubai

• linked to multiple bus routes and stations

• features both high-rise and budget-friendly properties

• easy access to top schools and nurseries in neighboring areas

Cons• densely populated area

• area is dominated by skyscrapers

Business Bay is situated near Downtown Dubai and is a famous spot for investors and businessmen looking for high-rise buildings and luxurious penthouses. 

Alternatively, it also offers a range of mid-rise apartments and studio-type units that are best for families searching for affordable properties. 

It’s a family-friendly community with various parks, clinics, pharmacies, and spas. Moreover, you can explore retail stores, service facilities, and restaurants at Bay Avenue Mall. 

Traveling to other parts of the city is also easy because you can access the Dubai Metro and Business Bay Metro Station. Besides that, it’s linked to multiple bus routes around the city.

5. Dubai Marina 

Dubai Marina

Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Property TypeAverage Costs
StudioAED 776,000
1-bedroom apartmentAED 1,200,000
2-bedroom apartmentAED 1,900,000
Best for• single professionals

• businessmen and investors

Pros• has various international restaurants

• features many malls and retail stores

• close to the beach

• easy access to metro stations and public transportations

Cons• some residential properties don’t allow pets

• heavy traffic during peak hours

Dubai Marina is set on the coast of Dubai. It features a vibrant beach life and scenic views of the city’s skyline, so it’s popular for Filipino expats looking for a property to invest in. 

It’s also an excellent spot for Pinoy parties and celebrations because there are many Filipino restaurants in the area. Some must-visit spots are Golden Fork, Halo Halo, and Kooya Filipino Eatery. 

Getting around Dubai is easy if you live here because it has access to two Dubai Metro stations – Sobha Realty and DMCC. 

Both metro stations are connected to the Dubai Tram, so traveling to Jumeirah Beach Residence and Al Sufouh is easy.

Furthermore, RTA bus stations, water buses, and water taxi lines are also available in Dubai Marina.